If you like television drama shows about solving murders then you're probably familiar with the "Bones" cast members. The hit television series storyline centers around the partnership between a forensic anthropologist who is a world-renowned scientist working for the Jeffersonian Institute and a cocky F.B.I. agent. With a team of scientist at the Jeffersonian they are able to discover how a victim was murdered. The anthropologist hasn't a clue to normal life for she takes everything literally and logically. The F.B.I. agent is more street-wise which makes them a perfect team.

  1. Special Agent Seely Booth played by David Boreanaz. Booth, a former Army Ranger is part of the major crimes division in the F.B.I. David is no stranger to hit television series for he starred in the series "Angel" for five seasons. He won three Saturn Awards for his role in "Angel." Not only is he currently a "Bones" cast member, but he is also one of the show's producers.

  2. Dr. Temperance 'Bones' Brennan played by Emily Deshanel. Bones is the world-renown forensic anthropologist who's great in solving crime but totally inept in dealing with living people. Emily appeared in several television series and short films before landing her role as a "Bones" cast member. She is also now a producer of the show.

  3. Angela Montenegro played by Michaela Conlin. Angela, a bohemian at heart, is the graphic arts specialist that can take a skull and reconstruct it into a 3-D image of victim in question. Michaela is a Graduated from NYU's Tisch School of the Arts and is new to the acting scene. Landing a role as a "Bones" cast member is her biggest Hollywoo break to date.

  4. Dr. Jack Hodgins played by T.J. Thyne. Hodgins considers himself "King of the Lab" in his race to solve how a victim died. Thyne is a working actor taking on small roles in various television series and movies. It wasn't until he joined the "Bones" cast that he finally made a name for himself as an actor.

  5. Dr. Lance Sweets played by John Francis Daley. Sweets was introduced to the show as an F.B.I. psychologist to evaluate whether or not Bones and Boothe should stay together as a team. Daley was on three series before landing a role as a "Bones" cast member. First "Freaks and Geek", then "Boston Public" and "The Geena Davis Show." His role as Dr. Sweets is his longing running acting role at this time.

  6. Dr. Camille Sayrone played by Tamara Taylor. Dr. Sayrone is the head of the forensics lab and is Bone's boss. Tamara had several stints on series such as "Party of Five" and Hidden Hills." It wasn't until she joined the "Bones" cast that she found a stability in a solid acting role.

-Cynthia Gulley