The "Boardwalk Empire" cast is filled over the top with acting talent.  The cast helps to give life to the drama about prohibition life in Atlantic City.  Each character seems to have a depth that makes the show more complicated, but enjoyable, to watch.   

  1. Enoch "Nucky" Thomposon - Steve BuscemiSteve brings a level of acting to the character that make his antics seem believable. He is able to be devious, yet likable.  His coniving ways help to push him further into power, and Buscemi makes this all work. Whether he is trying to court a new girl, or take over a rival gangster's business, Nucky is made to be likable, even if he is nefarious, making him a valuable cast member for "Boardwalk Empire."

  2. Elias "Eli" Thompson - Shea Whigham. Nucky's right hand man throughout the first season of "Boardwalk Empire," Eli offers an interesting counterpart to Nucky. He provides most of the muscle for Nucky's schemes, and is happy to do so. Whether he is carrying out the orders of his brother, or hiring men to do it, Eli helps to ensure that the empire his brother is building will come to fruition. Eli has ambitions of his own, though, and his dealings may come back to haunt him. Eli is played very well by cast member Shea, and will continue to help keep the series interesting.

  3. James "Jimmy" Darmody - Michael Pitt. Michael Pitt brings great emotion to the character of Jimmy. Jimmy is the most honorable of these new gangsters, and seems to have the most emotions out of the "Boardwalk Empire" cast. He leaves Nucky and goes to Chicago because of his attitude, but soon finds his way back. He lets his guard down while there, showing a human side of himself that was otherwise non-existent. Jimmy is a very complicated man, and Michael plays that well.

  4. Agent Nelson - Michael Shannon. Michael Shannon was cast very well for the role of this conflicted federal agent. Using interrogation techniques of questionable morality, Agent Nelson makes the viewers question whether the ends justify the means Knowing what will happen if he doesn't succeed, but not wanting Nucky to get caught, he often leaves the viewer wondering whether Agent Nelson should find out about the illegal alcohol in the city. Whether he does or not, it leaves the audience of "Boardwalk Empire" questioning whether an ends justifies a means.

  5. Margaret Shroeder - Kelly MacDonald. Margaret Schroeder is the "Boardwalk Empire" cast character that represents our internal questioning. Originally just a poor Irish immigrant, Nucky takes a liking to her, and manipulates her into becoming his concubine. She lives in a fancy house, and becomes the arm ornament of Nucky. Although she is a prohibitionist in the beginning of season 1, she begins to doubt her beliefs by the end. Her inner turmoil makes for some strange interaction between herself and Nucky, which Kelly portrays very well.

- Scot Wilson