"Blue Mountain State" episodes are aired on Spike Network and is a show for guys about football and all the things that come with it, like fans, beer, girls and a ton of other ridiculous, comedic and sophomoric story lines. Here's a list of "Blue Mountain State" episodes, in case you're interested in trying to get into the show itself.

  1. "Drunk Tank." This is the 12th "Blue Mountain State" episode of the second season, in which the main players on the team are thrown into a drunk tank. The only way they are allowed out is if they blow under a .06 on a breathalizer, which proves difficult considering how drunk they all are. While the players try to do this, Sammy tries to get drunk enough so that he can join them and break them out from the inside, a la the television show "Priso Break."

  2. "Pay for Play." This is the 4th "Blue Mountain State" episode of the second season, in which players on the team begin to accept bigger and crazier gifts from agents in order to play the game each week. Meanwhile, the coach has to fend off favors that he has to do for a local booster who gives money to the college, humorously addressing how college sports are often about bribery.

  3. "The Fingering." This first "Blue Mountain State" episode of the second season follows one of the main characters in the show and players on the team as he tries to finger out who put their finger up his butt during a fumble in a team practice. Each player gives him a different account of events while he tries to put al the pieces together, like a detective.

  4. "Marathon Monday." This tenth "Blue Mountain State" episode of the first season follows all of the different main characters on the team as they go through a college tradition of drinking from 6AM on Monday to 6 AM on Tuesday the following day. Different characters get into a number of different bizarre adventures, making this "Blue Mountain State" episode one to watch.

  5. "LAX." This eighth"Blue Mountain State" episode follows one of the main characters on the team who has sex with a lacrosse player's girlfriend, breaking an "age-old" truce the football and lacrosse players have made. A war brewing, the main characters must figure out how to stop it before everything goes completely out of control.