Narrowing the list to the ten best “The Big Bang Theory” episodes is no easy task. The winner of the 2009 People’s Choice Award for favorite TV comedy, “The Big Bang Theory” is an American sitcom that premiered in the fall of 2007. This wildly popular CBS sitcom is centered on five characters, four of which are socially awkward intellectual males, contrasted with the one female lead. If you haven’t seen this show you might one to check out one of these hilarious episodes.  

  1. "The Luminous Fish Effect" (S1E04) – In this episode of "The Big Bang Theory", Sheldon loses his university job as a physicist.  In turn, he enters a funk and goes through several hobbies to fill his time. In order to help his friend, Leonard takes drastic action. He calls Sheldon’s mother.

  2. "The Loobenfeld Decay" (S2E10) – When Penny lands a role in the production of "Rent", both Leonard and Sheldon lie to avoid having to hear her sing.  Leonard soon becomes worried that Penny will discover their lie so he does the only reasonable thing; he constructs a more elaborate lie.  It does not take long before things get a bit out of hand in what is surely one of the best episodes yet.

  3. "The Barbarian Sublimation" (S2E03) – In this hilarious episode of "The Big Bang Theory" Sheldon introduces Penny to online gaming.  Soon Penny becomes obsessed, much to the dismay of Sheldon.  The interactions between Sheldon and Penny in this episode will surely keep you laughing.

  4. "The Bad Fish Paradigm" (S2E01) – In this season two premiere, Leonard and Penny return from their first date.  Penny opens up to Sheldon, confiding the fact that she doesn’t feel interested in Leonard anymore.  Caught in the middle, the socially inept Sheldon becomes very awkward around Leonard and decides he should move out rather than tell Leonard Penny’s secret.

  5. "The Grasshopper Experiment" (S1E08) – Focused more on a supporting character, this entertaining episode follows Raj as he learns his parents have set him up on a date with a girl from his childhood.  Being another socially awkward “nerd” type Raj discovers that the only way he can talk to the opposite sex is by first getting drunk.  Naturally, things still don’t go as smooth as Raj might have hoped.   

  6. "The Hamburger Postulate" (S1E05) – Afraid he is wasting time on Penny, Leonard makes a connection with Leslie, a fellow scientist from work.  After Leonard and Leslie share a passionate night together, Penny becomes jealous.  This episode of "The Big Bang Theory" should have you laughing from beginning to end.

  7. "The Griffin Equivalency" (S2E04) – In this great episode, Raj gains a new confidence after being featured in People Magazine’s list of “thirty people to watch under thirty”. Naturally, the attention goes to Raj’s head and everyone becomes tired of his gloating. Watch as Sheldon fake smiles several times to appear genuinely happy, his face is priceless.    

  8. "The Codpiece topology" (S2E02) – After seeing Penny with someone else, Leonard goes back to fellow scientist Leslie.  This makes Sheldon upset, as Leslie has become his nemesis.  Penny also has somewhat of an immature reaction to Leonard’s decision.

  9. "The Pancake Batter Anomaly" (S1E11) – After Sheldon becomes sick, the boys, fully aware of how unpleasant he can get, scatter. Unaware of what she’s in for, Penny volunteers to take care of Sheldon.  What Sheldon requests of Penny will surely have you in stitches.

  10. "The Nerdvana Annihilation" (S1E14) – When Leonard’s full sized time machine prop from the movie “The Time Machine” is delivered, it causes Penny to be late for work.  Penny becomes upset and reprimands Leonard. Consequently, Leonard decides to give up his childish hobby. The time machine alone puts this episode of "The Big Bang Theory" in the top ten. 

-Corey Vasey