For those that love comedy, it should not be hard to name the "Bernie Mac Show" cast. The show is about a professional comedian that raises his sister’s children and the troubles that happen along the way. The show ended in 2006 and unfortunately, the star, Bernie Mac, died in 2008. Let's see how many cast members you remember.

  1. Bernie Mac as himself Bernie is the main cast character that takes in three kids and raises them with his wife, Wanda. The idea from the show originated from Mac’s own comedy routine. Bernie Mac appeared in the movies "Charlie's Angels: Full Throttle" and "Ocean's Thirteen" and the television show "Moesha" before landing his own show.

  2. Kellita Smith as Wanda Mac Wanda is the vice president of a large corporation and the wife of Bernie Mac. Smith is a "The Bernie Mac Show" cast member from Chicago, Illinois. Smith has appeared in multiple television shows ("The Jamie Foxx Show" and "Martin") and movies ("Kingdom Come" and "Retiring Tatiana").

  3. Camille Winbush as Vanessa Thomkins Vanessa is the eldest child and often challenges her uncle’s authority. Camille is from "The Bernie Mac Show" cast and grew up in Culvert City, California. The actress had many television roles on " 7th Heaven," "Recess" (voice) and "Minor Adjustments."

  4. Jeremy Suarez as Jordan Thomkins Jordan is Mac’s only nephew and is considered weak because of his crying fits. Suarez is a member of "The Bernie Mac Show" cast and is voice actor from Burbank, California. He had television appearances in " Chicago Hope," "The Wayans Bros." and movie "Jerry Maguire."

  5. Dee Dee Davis as Bryana Thomkins Bryana is the youngest child and Bernie’s favorite. Bryana is a naïve girl that often fights and wins against her older brother. Davis is a "The Bernie Mac Show" cast member and television actress from Culver City, California. Dee Dee has had television appearances in "Strong Medicine" and "ER."