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Saturday, October 1 by Shawn Lealos


The “Sopranos” cast helped raise the show to amazing heights as one of the top ranked HBO original television series on the network. The series told the story of Tony Soprano and both his families, his wife and kids as well as his Mafia family, both of which demand a large portion of his time. Also integral to the series is his psychologist who helps him level out his feelings as both families pull at him.

James Gandolfini

james-gandolfini sopranos cast.jpg

James Gandolfini plays Tony Soprano, the main character in the “Sopranos” cast. He is a husband and father of two kids while also serving as the head of one of the most powerful New Jersey mob families. The show details how he deals with his personal and professional problems as he tries to sort out his complicated life on a day-to-day basis. Gandolfini won three Emmys for Outstanding Lead Actor for his role in the series.

Edie Falco

edie-falco-sopranos cast.jpg

Edie Falco stars as Carmela Soprano, the wife of Tony Soprano in the “Sopranos” cast. Carmela knows about her husband’s illegal operations and has to find a way to deal with his business while maintaining a normal façade within their family, keeping their children safe. She also must deal with Tony’s occasional infidelities. Falco won three Emmy Awards for Outstanding Lead Actress for her role on “The Sopranos” and recently won another Emmy for her new show, “Nurse Jackie.”

Lorraine Bracco

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Lorraine Bracco portrays Tony Soprano’s personal psychiatrist, the one person that tried to help him fight his inner demons although, for much of the show, she remained oblivious to his illegal operations. When she found out, she tried unsuccessfully to distance herself from him. Bracco received four Emmy nominations for her role on the show but never won one.

Michael Imperioli

michael-imperioli sopranos cast.jpg

Michael Imperioli stars in the “Sopranos” cast as Christopher Moltisanti, Tony’s protégé in the mob family. He is also a cousin of Carmela, so retains a relationship with the Soprano family as well. He developed a horrible impulsive and violent behavior, one that was not helped by his growing drug addictions, specifically to heroin. Imperioli has appeared in many similar crime films such as “Goodfellas,” “Clockers” and “Summer of Sam.”

Vincent Pastore

Vincent Pastore sopranos cast.jpg

Vincent Pastore played Tony Soprano’s closest confidant at the start of the show in the “Sopranos” cast. Out of most members of Tony’s mafia family, Sal was one of the most loyal and kindest. However, over time he was pressured into turning over evidence on Tony and the family and ended up sleeping with the fishes as a result. Pastore also appeared in a number of mafia movies including “Goodfellas” and “Carlito’s Way.”

– Shawn Lealos

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