The "My Wife and Kids" cast was full of talent, and each character played a role in making the show one of the best ABC lineups in the early to mid 2000s

Damon Wayans Damon Wayans is one of the siblings of the popular Wayans family. He worked alongsid brothers Keenan, Shawn and Marlon, and sister, Kim in the popular sketch comedy, "In Living Color." The comedian and actor played the starring role in the My “Wife and Kids” cast as Michael Kyle Sr., a business owner of a trucking company who deals with the highs and lows of family life with his wife and three children. Michael often taught his children tough, yet funny, lessons such as when his oldest daughter and son did something against their parents’ wishes. After the series ran from 2001 to 2005, Wayans produced the 2006 Showtime comedy sketch series, "The Underground," which Wayans directed and worked on with son, Damon Wayans Jr.

Tisha Campbell-Martin Singer and actress Tisha Campbell-Martin was a star of her own landing roles in Kid and Play's "House Party" and as Gina Waters on the 90s hit show, “Martin.” After the “Martin” series ended, Campbell-Martin co-starred in "My Wife and Kids" playing Janet "Jay" Kyle, Michael Kyle's humorous wife most notably known as a homemaker on the "My Wife and Kids" TV series. Jay was often the voice of reason when problems occurred between her children and husband. Once the TV series was done, Campbell-Martin guest starred in "Everybody Hates Chris" and in the Lifetime series, "Rita Rocks." In 2011, she played a music teacher in the teen Disney film, "Lemonade Mouth."

George O. Gore II. Before "My Wife and Kids," George Gore II was a child actor landing a small role in the 1993 movie "Juice" and playing the son of Malik Yoba in the 1990s detective drama, "New York Undercover." In "My Wife and Kids," Gore played the oldest son, Michael Jr. aka "Junior", a dim-witted teen who was often mocked by his father for his dumb comments and (sometimes) actions that did not make sense. As the season progressed and Junior became a husband and father, TV viewers slightly saw a serious side of him, although he often showed his goofy side. Gore's latest role was in the 2009 Wayans movie, "Dance Flick" playing a young Ray Charles in his school years.

Jennifer Freeman Freeman filled the role as Claire Kyle on "My Wife and Kids." Claire was the oldest and second child of Jay and Michael, and she usually displayed the behavior of a naive girl. Claire went through the phases of many teens, going through boyfriend problems or sneaking out the house to go to a party she was not permitted to attend. Other than "My Wife and Kids," Freeman acted in a few films like "You've Got Served" and "Johnson Family Vacation." She also had a few roles in TV shows, including “7th Heaven," "OC" and “One on One." Freeman was also a spokesperson for Neutrogena skin care commercials.

Parker McKenna Posey Posey played Kady Kyle, the youngest member of the Kyle’s family. Unlike her two oldest siblings, Kady used devilish antics against Claire and Junior but it was often masked because of her cuteness and age. Kady also had a boyfriend, Franklin, a child prodigy with a talent for playing the piano. Before her first big break on "My Wife and Kids," Posey was in an Old Nay commercial as a toddler and acted in Macy Gray’s 2001 music video “Sweet Baby.” In 2009, she guest starred on the hit Nickelodeon TV series, “iCarly.”

- Alicia Mitchell