Whether he's serving a penis-shaped cake to unsuspecting guests or sneaking like a pervert into the laundry room to peek at bra size tags, Larry David is at his blundering best in these deliciously non-politically correct "Curb Your Enthusiasm" episodes. Sometimes, it might feel just plain wrong to laugh at Larry David's antics, but that's what makes these "Curb Your Enthusiasm" episodes so right.

Episode 1, Season 1: "The Pants Tent" For a man who flouts so many social conventions, Larry David lives in a constant state of terror about what other people think. In this "Curb Your Enthusiasm" episode, Larry's trademark loose-fitting pants bunch up in the crotch when he sits, creating a "pants tent." Larry feels self-conscious, but Cheryl assures him it is just a little fabric—no big deal. But to Larry's horror, Cheryl's friend mistakes the "pants tent" for an erection, and worse, assumes she inspired it. It goes to show that just because you're a social paranoid doesn't mean people aren't judging your pants tent.    

Episode 17, Season 2: "The Doll" Larry David has a propensity for doing exactly the wrong thing to the wrong person or in the case of this "Curb Your Enthusiasm" episode, for the wrong person. When a television executive's daughter asks him to give her beloved doll a haircut, Larry snips it short and doesn't give it a second thought. He should have known the little girl would regret this rash move, but as usual, Larry is clueless. When the little girl throws a fit, Larry and his manager Jeff concoct a plan: steal the head from an identical doll in Jeff's daughter's room. Once again, Larry's actions get him in hot water, as Jeff's wife, Susie, rampages over the evil inflicted on her daughter's doll.

Episode 43, Season 5: "The Christ Nail" When Cheryl considers firing the housekeeper because her braless boobs prove too distracting, Larry decides to ask the housekeeper to wear a bra. That is inappropriate enough all on its own, but when the housekeeper swears bras are uncomfortable, Larry offers to buy her one because bra technology has—in his words—made advancements. Too bad he doesn't know her size and winds up looking like a pervert when he peeks at the size tag in his friend's wife's bras. By the end of this "Curb Your Enthusiasm" episode, he has raised the hackles of his housekeeper's husband and his only defense is a Christ Nail from "The Passion of the Christ" his father in law bought online, hence the episode title.

Episode 51, Season 6: "Meet the Blacks" Larry and Cheryl adopt an African-American family displaced by Hurricane Katrina that just happens to have the last name Black, opening the door to all manners of politically incorrect humor. As is par for the course in "Curb Your Enthusiasm," Larry proceeds to offend the Blacks by unknowingly ordering a welcome party cake in the shape of a black penis. The real payoff, though, comes when Loretta Black puts out a cigarette in the penis cake while Larry eats it for a late night snack.

Episode 70, Season 7: "Seinfeld" If you loved "Seinfeld" and would do anything to  see the cast reunite, this "Curb Your Enthusiasm" episode makes your dream come true. Larry decides to do a "Seinfeld" reunion episode, hoping he can use it to win Cheryl back after she leaves him. To his chagrin, Cheryl ends up hanging out with Jason Alexander —George!