The “Baywatch” cast has often been referred to as nothing more than The Hass and a bunch of T&A. With the number of models who appeared in “Playboy” starring as lifeguards on the show, that is a good barometer of the group. The television series was one of the most popular series in the history of television and most of it came down to the sex appeal delivered by this cast.

David Hasselhoff

David Hasselhoff was the heart and soul of the show as head lifeguard Mitch Bushannon. The man who previously drove a talking car carried the series to an amazing height and then continued on in a spinoff series where he inexplicably became a private investigator. While most people watch the show for the girls, The Hoff still left the series as one of the most iconic pop culture phenomenons in entertainment history.

Pamela Anderson

The most popular lifeguard to ever appear on the show was C.J. Parker, and she was played by “Baywatch” cast member Pamela Anderson. Before “Baywatch,” Anderson was known mainly for her “Playboy” appearances but after the show, she developed the most famous assets of any woman in the world for a long time. Her character first appeared on the show in season three and made her final appearance in the “Baywatch” special “Baywatch: Hawaiian Wedding” in 2003.

Yasmine Bleeth

The “Baywatch” cast member who appeared on the show as Caroline Holden is Yasmine Bleeth. The character first appeared in season five as the sister of fellow lifeguard Stephanie Holden. Bleeth herself began her career on daytime soap operas but appearing on “Baywatch” made her a star. She also appeared on “Nash Bridges” and in the movie “BASEketball.” Drug addiction began to ruin her career starting in 2000, and she has done little since.

Erika Eleniak

While Pamela Anderson played the most popular female lifeguard in the “Baywatch” cast, she was not the first star of the show. Fellow “Playboy” model Erika Eleniak starred as Shauni McClain from season one through three before being replaced by Anderson. The character was unique in that she was scared she would allow someone to drown and would freeze up at inopportune times. She left the show to try her success in Hollywood but soon became a B-movie star.

Alexandra Paul

While Pamela Anderson and Erika Eleniak were the main female lifeguard stars, it was Alexandr Paul who provided a lot of the heart of the series. She played Stephanie Holden, the head female lifeguard for five years. She is also one of the tragedies of the show as her character died in season seven while trying to save someone. Paul has had one of the most prolific careers of anyone from the “Baywatch” cast, appearing in over 60 movies and television programs.

- Shawn Lealos