The “Family Matters” cast was a lovable crew of hilarious actors. “Family Matters” was a comedy sitcom and a spin-off from the long running show “Perfect Strangers.” The show focused on the life of the Winslow family and their annoying, nerdy neighbor, Steve Urkel.

Reginald VelJohnson.

He played Carl Otis Winslow, the head of the Winslow family in the series. In the show, Carl is married to Harriette, with whom he has three kids: Edward, Laura and Judith. His straitlaced demeanor as a cop often filters into his home where he is very protective of his children, particularly his daughters. When it comes to his son Edward, he is unable to pull off his protective role as they both disagree, especially on occasions where Edward believes that he is the authority figure. As if dealing with his rebellious son was not enough, Carl also has to put up with his irritating, geeky neighbor, Steve Urkel. VelJohnson’s trademark is playing police officers in films and on television. During his free time, he enjoys singing and dancing. He is also a marathon runner. 

Kellie Shanygne Williams.

Williams was also part of the “Family Matters” cast, where she played the role of Laura Lee Winslow, the daughter of Carl and Harriette Winslow. She was the smart alec of the family and unlike her brother Edward, she exercised good judgment whenever temptations arose. Besides her academic achievements and good behavior, Laura was the love interest of Steve Urkel, whom she dated on several occasions out of pity. Shanygne devotes a lot of her time to charitable projects such as “The Starlight Foundation International Youth Ambassador” and “Great Beginnings for Black Babies.”


Darius McCrary.

He played the role of Carl and Harriette Winslow’s son, Edward Winslow. During his teenage years on the show, Edward displayed interests in cars and girls and enjoyed pulling pranks. The complete opposite of his sister, Edward managed to maintain average grades and often found himself in trouble with Carl. In his times of distress, he would sometimes lay the blame on others. Such a scenario occurred when Steve informed Carl that Edward had driven the car through the front house and he did not utter a word about the matter. McCrary’s Hollywood career started at the early age of ten. He also writes songs and produces music and is the son of the gospel/jazz musician, Howard McCrary.


Jaleel White.

White is one of the most notable actors in the “Family Matters” cast, playing the role of Steve Urkel. He was known for his high-pitched voice and geeky appearance with large, thick eyeglasses, flooding pants supported by suspenders and multicolored cardigan sweaters. His character was originally slated as a one-shot deal, however, the audience reaction and show’s ratings landed him a lead role in the sitcom. He regularly played basketball with actor George Clooney while they were each doing “Family Matters” and “E.R.” respectively. He graduated from UCLA Film School in 2001 and he loves to write short stories and draw cartoons.

JoMarie Payton.

She played the role of Harriette Winslow, Carl’s wife in the “Family Matters” series. Unlike her husband, who snaps when Edward gets into trouble or during Steve’s unexpected visits to their house, she maintains a composed disposition. Additionally, she outshines her family in the area of courtesy, as she displays affection toward their geeky neighbor Steve. Payton left the show in the middle of season nine to explore other artistic undertakings. She performed onstage when she was only six years old and is a gifted singer, receiving major professional acting roles in musical auditions.

-Haliyma Barrow