The "Arrested Development" cast is filled with great comedic actors and memorable personalties. The criminally canceled Fox series had an abundance of crazy characters and brilliant plot lines. Here is a look of some of the fantastic talent from "Arrested Development".

  1. Jason Bateman. As the logically minded head of the household, Michael Bluth is the ringleader of his family circus. Bateman had plenty of work in the 1980's as a teenager, making appearances in shows like "Silver Spoons" and "The Hogan Family". Many remember him fondly as the guy who followed in Michael J. Fox's footsteps as a teenwolf, in the sequel. After somewhat disappearing in the 90's, Bateman became popular again appearing in films like "Dodgeball", "The Break-Up" and "Juno".

  2. Michael Cera. Where would this beloved awkward Canadian be without George Michael Bluth? As George Michael, Cera mastered his mannerisms that have made him famous. Only with his brand of innocence and sincerity, would you root for a guy that wants to hook up with his cousin.

  3. Will Arnett. Before "Arrested Development", Arnett made small guest appearances on a  variety of shows. His bizarrely creepy quality and unfounded sense of confidence make him a perfect Gob. There is plenty of hilarity at home as well, Will Arnett is married to Amy Poehler.

  4. Portia DeRossi. Taking a small role in "Scream 2" was followed by a major role on "Ally McBeal". With roles in small independent films and a very famous partner (Ellen DeGeneres), she made quite the place for herself in Hollywood. As the spoiled and hilariously politically incorrect Lindsay, DeRossi nails playing a grown woman who is a total brat.

  5. David Cross. Cross plays the undeniably odd Tobias Funke, the analrapist who married Lindsay and somehow managed to father Maeby. Cross appeared in small  roles in many films, and was the star of the sketch show, "Mr. Show". He continues to work in film and television, including Will Arnett's show "Running Wilde".

  6. Alia Shawkat. As the cute and a little bit dim cousin to George Michael and daughter of Lindsay and Tobias. Shawkat was a child actress that appeared in a variety of television shows, including the short lived family show "State of Grace" which she co-starred with another future "Arrested Development" star (Mae Whitman.) Since the series ended, Shawkat has popped up in small roles in films like the Drew Barrymore directed, "Whip it".

  7.  Jeffrey Tambor. Tambor plays George Bluth Sr., the man responsible for the financial mess that is the catalyst for this crazy family to come together in the first place. Tambor has been a character actor for years, appearing in films and was a regular on "The Larry Sanders Show". He still has no problem getting work, he can be seen in more movies than Samuel L. Jackson.

  8. Jessica Walter. As Lucille, the mother and grandmother to the Bluth family, Walter is perfection. Most rememberer Jessica Walter as a psychotic woman who stalks Clint Eastwood in 1971's "Play Mist for Me". She also appeared in more television shows of the 70s and 80s than you can shake a stick at. In 2008, she returned to television as another martini swilling grandmother on the reboot of "90210".