If you’re looking for the 2011 season 90210 spoilers, then you’ve come to the right place. Here you’ll find the latest scoop on this remake of the classic teen hit show: "Beverly Hills 90210." This is the ultimate list of must-have information on your beloved (or most hated) characters on TV. 

  1. Big Spring Break Episode. Viewers will be far from disappointment with 90210’s big Sprin Break episode. Featuring a wild Spring Break, there’s a huge catfight and hook up in store for Teddy.

  2. Who’s guest starring? It was confirmed by Sam Levine that he would make a small cameo appearance in the show as moderator of an academic bowl. Apparently, it’s not all about social life for these kids, as they actually do attend school.

  3. Navid and Silver. What will happen with Ade’s boyfriend and Ade’s best friend’s affair? It seems that they're here to stay. Because of Ade’s career breakdown, Navid and Silver will have to keep it to themselves. That won’t last that much longer, because the truth will come out, and it’s going to be an ugly one; for Ade, that is.

  4. Silver’s future. Not a bright one, speaking in the short run at least. She will have a bipolar outburst again due to Ade mixing up her meds. Only this time it’ll be worse than the last one because it’ll cause more damage all around.

  5. About Ade. Maybe it's about her realizing how much damage she’s caused to Silver’s life, no one’s sure yet. However, something pretty bad must have happened in order for her to reach a breaking point, one which will have severe consequences.

  6. Naomi may not be graduating? Apparently the writers have got a thing for Naomi. While she and Teddy will make prom Queen and King, she may be caught for cheating, and will spend her summer nowhere else but at school.

  7. Teddy. After Dixon finds out about Teddy and Ian’s relationship, Teddy asks him to keep it to himself. But when Silver finds out, she tricks him to tell the truth about himself to his friends. Of course, she’s going to be there to support him. Back to Teddy and Ian, it seems that they won’t be together for that much long. Not to worry though, as there is a nice future (man) waiting for Teddy.

  8. What about Max and Naomi? According to a preview of 90210’s return, these two are getting it on. What remains to be clear is if this beloved geek will last for more than a few weeks. It's the odd couple everyone's talking about!

  9. Someone’s getting ma-what? Huge twist. There will be a wedding in 90210 this season, and it's going to be for a main character actually. Who is it? None other than Ivy! Shocker? There are no details of where or when will this happen, and even fewer hints about the groom-to-be. Anyway, it’s just happening.

  10. The Ultimate Naomi Spoiler. Prepare yourselves because this one is a shocker. Naomi is in fact getting pregnant! This is way too much fun for her and Max, so it seems that she will find out she’s pregnant in the season finale (of course). And that’s the reason why she and Max will continue to be together in the fourth season.

- Manuel Paucar