The best “Doctor Who” episodes are not as hotly debated as the best actor who played this iconic British show. While it is not a sitcom, and not terribly serious drama, it does have an element of humor. While the best episodes are debated, there is no debate that the one true “Doctor Who” is Tom Baker.

The best “Doctor Who” episodes:

“City of Death (1979).” Tom Baker, who is stated earlier, is the one true Doctor, stars in this episode. Here, the Doctor and one of his ever-changing companions decides to spend some vacation time in Paris. Rest and relaxation does not occur. Instead the Doctor must stop a plant to steal the Mona Lisa from the Louvre.

“The Empty Child and “The Doctor Dances” (2005). What can be better than investigating gas mask wearing zombies in World War II, London? This show introduces the audiences to the character of Captain Jack Harkness, who later appears in Torchwood.

“Genesis of the Daleks” (1975). Anyone who watches "Doctor Who" knows that the Daleks, one of the most threatening races of the “Doctor Who” universe.

“The Daleks” (1964). While the Doctor who played the first time lord is now long forgotten, the Daleks have lived on throughout the series 40 plus year history. You can see that the species has maintained its basic shape.

“Blink” (2005). Weeping Angels introduce a new threat to the time lord and his companions in this episode. People of the female persuasion seem to like David Tennant for some reason.

Because "Doctor Who" stretched over 40 years, it is difficult to pick out only five of the best episodes. Notable writers such as Douglas Adams, author of the “Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy”, wrote some of the scripts in the 70s.