Any fan of "Bones" will be interested in knowing more about "Bones" episodes. Premiering on FOX in 2005, "Bones" is a comedy/criminal drama hybrid based on the series of Temperance Brennan books by author Kathy Reichs. Starring David Boreanaz as Special FBI Agent Seeley Booth and Emily Deschanel as Dr. Temperance 'Bones' Brennan, 'Bones' has run for six seasons and 131 episodes. Though every "Bones" episode is unique with its interactions between the no-nonsense Booth and seemingly emotionless Bones, as well as the 'Squints' which make up the investigative arm of the Jeffersonian Institute, there are a number of episodes which stand out as memorable.

  1. "A Boy in the Bush" (Season 1, Episode 6): While "Bones" deftly mixes comedy and drama in their episodes, show creator Hart Hanson and his writers do delve into some more serious subjects from time to time. In this installment, Bones and Booth investigate the murder and sexual assault of 6-year-old Charlie Saunders. While the investigation is hard on Booth and Bones, it takes a huge toll on the emphatic Angela and young intern Zack Addy. The episode marks the first references to "bug guy" Jack Hodgins' wealth and funding of the Jeffersonian.

  2. "The Woman in Limbo" (Season 1, Episode 22): More of Dr. Brennan's back story emerges in this episode of 'Bones' as the remains she investigates turn out to be those of her mother. This leads her and Booth to discover her parents double life as criminals and why they abandoned her to the foster system when she was a child. Viewers are also introduced to Bones' older brother, Russ Brennan, who left Bones shortly after their parents disappeared. The events of this season finale set up an ongoing story in the next few seasons where Bones and Russ are reunited with their father, Max Keenan.

  3. "Aliens in a Spaceship" (Season 2, Episode 9): The Grave Digger is introduced when Bones and Booth investigate the murder of two teenage boys kidnapped from their parents years ago. In the midst of the investigation, Bones and Hodgins ar buried alive in Bones' car by the Grave Digger. In a series of tense scenes, both Squints use their skills to survive and send a message to Booth and the team. This installment begins the continuing story of the Grave Digger and the emerging romance between Angela and Hodgins.

  4. "The End in the Beginning" (Season 4, Episode 26): In a dream world brought on after surgery to remove Booth's brain tumor, Bones and Booth, owners of a nightclub called "The Lab," investigate a murder on their property. Their real-word co-workers and friends take on roles of law enforcement and nightclub staff in this fantasy where everyone is a suspect. This season-ending episode also reveals Booth's love for his crime-fighting partner.

  5. "The Change in the Game" (Season 6, Episode 23): Though average when it comes to the weekly mystery, the sixth season finale of "Bones" makes the list for its game-changing events. Not only does Angela finally give birth to her and Hodgins' son, but Bones' also reveals her pregnancy of Booth's child. Not only did this finally give solace to suffering fans who were waiting for Bones and Booth to romantically connect., but it also set up a major storyline for season 7 as the couple deal with their new relationship.