"30 Rock" episodes are numerous over the past five seasons, with some that are better then others. However, there aren't many "30 Rock" episodes that don't stand alone, meaning that true "30 Rock" fans can watch just about any episode at any time and still get all the jokes and follow what is going on in that story. However, you will learn to truly appreciate the show if you know what "30 Rock" episodes to watch first, so that you can really get into the show and check out all the other ones that have been made during the past 5 seasons. Check out this list below, so you're in the "30 Rock" episode know.

  1. "Christmas Attack Zone." A funny, holiday "30 Rock" episode follows all the cast members during the holiday season. Avery and Liz Lemon must convince Jack to tell his mother about a couple secrets he has while she is visiting over the holidays

  2. "Argus." This "30 Rock" episode came out in 2010 and is about Liz stepping in between Tracy and Dotcom, who both want to be Grizz's best man at his upcoming wedding. Hilarity, of course, ensues.

  3. "Floyd." This is also known as the "30 Rock" episode about revenge. Liz competes for a dream wedding on "The Today Show" with Floyd, who is engaged. At the same time, Danny and Jack plan their own revenge against the writers on the show.

  4. "Anna Howard Shaw Day." This "30 Rock" episode is a hilarious one made in honor of Valentine's Day. Liz schedules her root canal on Valentine's Day so she can avoid dealing with not having a date. However, she runs into problems when she can't get anyone to drive her to the appointment.

  5. "When It Rains, It Pours." This "30 Rock" episode deals with more of the inner workings on the television show that "30 Rock" centers around. Liz has to turn on the charm to convince an editor to work with her on certain parts of the show. Jack and Avery, meanwhile, find out the gender of their baby.