The “30 Rock” cast plays in a comedy about the head writer of a comedy show, “TGS with Tracy Jordan.” The writer, Liz Lemon, must deal with obstacles on the job, such as an egotistical, snobby boss, as well as a crazed, young, energetic new star. Tina Fey plays the head writer of the show, Liz Lemon. Liz tried to keep her new star in line as well as satisfying her boss while trying to make her young comedy show successful. Luckily, Liz has friends in the office who she can count on for help.

  1. Tracy Morgan plays Tracy Jordan, the young, vibrant star of TGS. Though he is the "30 Rock" cast member clearly favored by viewers, behind the scenes he is portrayed as a dim-witted prima donna. Some of his antics throughout the show, for example, include running down the 405 in his underwear shouting “I’m a Jedi,” as well as attempting to stab Conan O’Brien while saying he is a “stabbing robot.”

  2. Tina Fey plays Liz Lemon. Liz is the head writer of TGS and is sometimes considered to be a fictional version of Fey. Liz is the "30 Rock" cast member who is a stickler for the rules. She is somewhat of a geek and often has difficulties in social situations.

  3. Alec Baldwin plays Jack Donaghy, Liz Lemon's boss. Jack is rather controlling, constantly prying into Liz’s job and meddling with the skits and cast of TGS. He is, however, very suave and smooth, just as you imagine Alec Baldwin’s characters being.

  4. Jack McBrayer plays Kenneth Parcell, a southern born NBC page. He is the "30 Rock" cast member who spends about a year working in different departments of the studio training for a career in broadcasting. Parcell is will liked in the studio, and is always donning a big, cheesy smile while he does his job.

  5. Juda Friedlander plays Frank Rossitano, a sarcastic writer who works alongside Liz Lemon. Frank gives off a trucker vibe, wearing a big, colorful hat that has a different saying in each episode.

  6. Jane Krakowski plays Jenna Maroney, who was the intended star of TGS, before Tracy Jordan came along. Jane is the "30 Rock" cast member who loves the limelight and the attention, and gets jealous easily. This beautiful blonde plays best friend to Liz Lemon.

  7. Scott Adsit plays Pete Hornberger. He is one of the few completely sane and calm members of the "30 Rock" cast. Pete is the producer of TGS, and serves as another close friend to Liz Lemon.  

-Casey Holley