"Gossip Girl" spoilers are an excellent source for getting in on the dirty deeds done by some of the show's most beloved characters. "Gossip Girl" is all about exposing the truth and it isn't any wonder why there are numerous blogs saturated with spoilers of up coming episodes. Whether they are right or not, is a completely different ball game.

Dan and Blair. "Gossip Girl" executive producers have been probed by so many reporters wanting to know about the relationship between Dan and Blair. Blair is going to become the center of attention in the upcoming season. Her love life deserves any kind of attention that can be given. As complex as it is. With this spoiler, Dan and Blair are said to have a continued relationship and different developing stories that will flourish. According to the show's executive producers thei relationship will continue "...all the way through the season finale. And beyond." Quite the teasing spoiler!

Blair's Goals. In "Gossip Girl," it is no spoiler that Blair has always wanted to be a powerful figure in society. Power is certainly something she craves. Her goals and ambitions of becoming a fashion editor only prove the point of her desires to hold a powerful position. According to the show's executive producer, "Something presents itself very soon..." Hopefully viewers will get to see Blair's powers seep from men to career with this spoiler.

Nate and Vanessa. In this season of "Gossip Girl" Nate will continue his relationship with Raina while Vanessa will be trying desperately to get back into good standings with everyone else. Being in the dog house is never fun, particularly with this cast of characters. With this spoiler, Vanessa is going to continue to try bigger and bigger things, until the bubble bursts. Then there will be a catalyst for change with all of the characters.

-Amanda Ferguson