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Wednesday, August 10 by Irving Oala

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There are a number of "24" spoilers throughout the near decade of Jack Bauer having crazy 24 hours after crazy 24 hours trying to save the world. These will ultimately save the avid "24" viewer hours of their time actually watching each season of the show, but also ruin the excitement of seeing each season. So if you are big fan of "24" and haven't seen each season, don't read the "24" spoilers listed below. Otherwise, this should reveal the ends of certain seasons so you can be caught up and talk about it with your friends.

Jack doesn't die in the end. The big cliffhanger finale of the entire series is based around whether Jack dies at the end of the series (and a number of other seasons). This "24" spoiler lets you know that this is a complete red herring and Jack lives through all of it, especially considering there is a "24" movie in the works.

Nina Myers kills Teri Bauer. This "24" spoiler reveals the true motive of one of the main characters in the first three seasons of the show. She becomes an incredibly evil character, lying, killing and cheating her way out of just about every situation possible. Jack gets her in the end.

Dina Araz helps Jack in the end. Despite being a tool for a terrorist cell throughout season 4, she ultimately helps Jack Bauer save the day in the end. This "24" spoiler basically ruins the fourth season of the show for a new viewer.

Charles Logan is a bad guy. Despite being the president of the U.S. in a few seasons of "24," Logan will do just about anything to push his own agenda. This "24" spoiler reveals a lot about this character's true motivations in seasons 4, 5, 6 and 8 of the series.

Graem Bauer will turn on his own blood. A relative of Jack Bauer, Graem will ultimately turn on his bloodline to push his own company's agenda and get people killed. This "24" spoiler will show that Jack will ultimately have to stop him.

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