"24" finale spoilers are all about ending on a good note. The series "24" has been one of the most watched television series in the past decade. Its series finale was tastefully executed by the show's producers. There weren't too many shocking details revealed, mostly just loose ends being tied up.

  1. The Russian President. Jack taps into conversations held between President Taylor and Logan. He uncovers layers of cover-ups and essential discovers that his love, Renee Walker, was ordered to be murdered by the Russian President. However, this discovery was intentional and was used to set up Jack to assassinate the Russian President in the "24" finale.

  2. The Power of Chloe. At the end of the "24" series, Jack has a final conversation with the tight-lipped Chloe. In this spoiler, He tells her the she was the only one who really "covered my back." This is a powerful statement coming from Jack. He has been betrayed on every level by so many of his co-workers.

  3. President Taylor. There has been long speculation that President Taylor would wind up being Jack's mother. Viewers find out at the finale of "24" that President Taylor, is not Jack's mother. This spoiler wasn't too hard for viewers to understand, but the fun idea of President Taylor being Jack's mother gets blown out of the water.

  4. Everything is real. This spoiler seems a bit obvious, but for "24" fans, its heart breaking. Since Jack had staged his death, many fans believed that he could actually be dead for the remaining episodes. However, the "24" finale doesn't show anyone being a ghost or that Jack is in purgatory by any measure. Everything is real and nothing is supernatural.