What makes the ten best TV couples the best of all time? Is it chemistry? Is it comedic timing? Is it the familiarity they share? In the case of these ten television couples, it is all of the above and more. The ability to have an audience relate to these couples years after they have disappeared from regular broadcasts is what sets these ten TV couples apart from the rest. These couples have stood the test of time so well that last names are not needed.

  1. Ward and June, "Leave It to Beaver." For six seasons, Ward and June Cleaver were the picture perfect parents that many in America dreamed of becoming. Along with their sons Wally and Beaver, the Wards were the all American family that taught an entire generation a moralistic lesson week in and week out.

  2. Lucy and Ethel, "I Love Lucy." These two laughable ladies were head and shoulders above the rest of the comedy class in a time when most women were expected to play the role of the doting housewife and play second fiddle to their husband.

  3. Lucy and Ricky, "I Love Lucy." "I Love Lucy" is hands down one of the funniest shows to ever grace a television screen, thanks in large part to Lucy and Ricky Ricardo.

  4. Ross and Rachel, "Friends." The consummate on-again, off-again couple of the 90's finally cemented their love bond in the series finale of "Friends," answering the question fans wanted answered, "Will they finally end up together?" Some fans had more vested in this television couple than they had in their own relationships.

  5. Johnny and Ed, "The Tonight Show." Late night television was at its best when these two were running the show.

  6. Maddie and David, "Moonlighting." The irresistible combination of intrigue, drama, comedy and sexual tension made viewers tune in week after week to see if wise cracking David and stunningly beautiful Madison would ever become more than business partners.

  7. Marge and Homer, "The Simpsons." After 22 seasons, you would think that Marge would have grown tired of Homer's shenanigans, but alas, she is as devoted as ever. They may be an animated couple, but that kind of devotion makes them one of TV's best couples.

  8. Mulder and Scully, "The X-Files." Investigating the paranormal was never as sexy and provocative as it was when Fox Mulder and Dana Scully were on the case. This television couple had it all: looks, brains and chemistry.

  9. Felix and Oscar, "The Odd Couple." What happens when you mix anal retentive and neurotic with sloppy and devil-may-care? You get one of the best television couples of all time. Felix and Oscar taught us that friendship overcomes all kinds of obstacles.

  10. Roseanne and Dan, "Roseanne." Dan and Roseanne Conner were everything the Cleavers were not. They were loud, crass and decidedly working class. They were also hilarious to watch as they navigated a much more realistic view on the American family than their TV counterparts.