The 10 best sitcoms 2010 was hard to put together because so many quality shows were on television that year. Some networks created documentary style sitcoms, which has characters talking directly to the audience at some point each episode. A lot of sitcoms created around documentary style grew in popularity. The 10 best sitcoms 2010 consist of nine half-hour comedy shows, and one hour long show about kids who love to sing.

  1. "glee" The 2010 season continues the story about high schoolglee club, and their teacher Will Shuester. The always witty, and mean cheerleader coach Sue Sylvester never runs out of plots to destroy the glee club. One of the 10 best because it's exciting to see which songs will be covered each week.

  2. "It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia" The FX half-hour sitcom is about four friends who own Paddy's Pub. Each episode the gang gets into crazier situations, as the writers push limits. They literally have nothing better to do than scheme about how to make more money. One of the 10 best sitcoms 2010 because the anticipated reveal of who got Dee pregnant was a great season ending.

  3. "Modern Family" The comedy sitcom revolves around different types of families that are biologically connected. It's based on a gay couple with an adopted baby, a straight couple with three kids, and a multicultural couple with the mothers son Manny. The show is shot documentary style, and throughout each episode the family members give brief interviews to go along with the storylines.

  4. "Community" The half-hour comedy sitcom follows the friendship amongst a community college study group. The television show has great pop culture references, and even pokes fun at some of their own ridiculous storylines. Watching the obsessed TV watcher Abed is reason enough for the show to be one the 10 best sitcoms 2010.

  5. "30 Rock" During 2010 Liz Lemon is still trying to get a hold on her dysfunctional cast, and writers in the sitcom "30 Rock." Lemon is head writer of a variety show shot at NBC's 30 Rockefeller Plaza. The great, and sometimes bizarre interaction between Lemon and her boss Jack Donaghy is why it's one of the 10 best sitcoms 2010.

  6. "The Office" One of the 10 best sitcoms 2010 is about the daily workings of employees at Dunder Mifflin. The sitcom gets better each year, and all of the regular characters are back for the 2010 season. It was the last full year regional manager Michael Scott (Steve Carell) was on the show, who has been a staple character.

  7. "Two and a Half Men" An over-sexed single man Charlie is still supporting his free-loading brother Alan. On weekends Alan's son Jake comes to stay, so many of the episodes revolve around when Jake is there. It never gets old to watch the dynamic between polar opposit brothers Charlie and Alan.

  8. "parks and recreation" It's a documentary style sitcom about an Indian parks and recreation department. It follows mid-level government employee Leslie Knope, and her un-motivated co-workers as they try to make the city a better place. One of the 10 best sitcoms 2010 because all the characters have great, memorable personalities which shine through each episode.

  9. "How I Met Your Mother" The story continues about a man telling his children how he met their mother. It is still a mystery, and every year there is hope the answer will be revealed. The 2010 season has stand out character Barney find his own father, and Marshall and Lily attempt to get pregnant.

  10. "$#*! My Dad Says" One of the 10 best sitcoms 2010 is about a grown man living with his loud mouthed father. The sitcom was created off a twitter account, which was a feed full of insane things his father would say. William Shatner does a great job playing the father, who has no filter on his mouth.