Sitcom stars develop a natural ability with comedic timing and the 10 best sitcom stars 2010 are no exception. These actors portray people in situations that are not only relatable, but downright funny. The charm transcends the television screen and allows us to experience firsthand what sitcom stars experience. Here is a list of the ten best sitcom stars of 2010.

  1. Steve Carell as Michael Scott in"The Office" Michael makes us cringe with his constant politically incorrect dialogue. As the inappropriate boss of the Dunder Mifflin office, he always manages to involve the staff in activities that do not set with a corporate environment. Carell is surely one of best sitcom stars on television.

  2. Sofia Vergara as Gloria Delgado-Pritchett in"Modern Family" Gloria, the Columbian bombshell married to Jay Pritchett, makes us laugh with her misuse of American idioms and dramatic expressions on the hit show "Modern Family." She states, “The last thing Manny needs on his first day of school is you undermelting his confidence." Her role as Gloria won Vergara an Emmy nomination and she is among the best sitcom stars to come along recently.

  3. Alec Baldwin as Jack Donaghy in"30 Rock" Jack, the outrageous network executive that says what's on his mind, reminds us of a boss we all had. His opinionated stance leaves us in stitches because he says what we all think sometimes. Sitcom stars like Baldwin really master the art of their craft.

  4. Patricia Heaton as Frankie Heck in "The Middle" Frankie the frenzied mom always comes across as disorganized, but she's really trying to juggle too much. We relate to her because we all been there, which is why we find her calamities so funny. Veteran sitcom stars like Heaton make comedy seem so natural.

  5. Tina Fey as Liz Lemon in "30 Rock" Lemon, as she is referred to on "30 Rock," reminds us of that smart yet quirky person that just can't seem to find a date. Her romantic struggles remind us of our worst dates which offers a relatable quality. Sitcom stars like Fey show us how funny everyday moments are.

  6. Julia Louis-Dreyfus as Christine Campbell in "The New Adventures of Old Christine" Christine's newly divorced status reminds us of how funny our interactions with our exes are. We relate to her dating after divorce and her close yet unusual relationship with her ex husband. She tries to be the perfect parent, but really falls short. Her shortcomings make us laugh because we have all tried to be perfect at one time or another.

  7. Jon Cryer as Alan Harper in "Three and a Half Men" Alan can’t catch break. His brother reminds of him of his shortcomings because they are polar opposites. He cuts coupons while his brother lives in a Malibu mansion. He lacks confidence with women while women find his brother irresistible. Alan reminds us of how it feels to be around someone that is better at everything.

  8. Neil Patrick Harris as Barney Stinson in "How I Met Your Mother" Barney plays the ultimate playboy on the hysterical sitcom "How I Met Your Mother." Barney reminds us that womanizers struggle with issues, too.

  9. Julie Bowen as Claire Dunphy in "Modern Family" Claire plays a competitive wife and mother who lends new meaning to perfectionism on "Modern Family."

  10. Eric Stonestreet as Cameron Tucker in "Modern Family" Cameron plays Mitchell's overly sensitive partner on "Modern Family." One of his funniest lines was when he referred to his partner about learning a mob dance without him. He said, “You cheated on me with choreography and that is the worst kind.” A classic sitcom star that leaves you laughing every week.