These are the 10 best Korean sitcoms as of 2011. There are character’s you’ll love to hate and hate to love. If you’re in the mood for funny, romantic or action filled dramas, these are the ones for you. Grab a bowl of popcorn and enjoy!

  1. "Boys Over Flowers" - A Korean sitcom about a group four wealthy men in high school. The leader of the group targets a poor common girl who challenges the groups authority. Things start to get complicated when he finds himself falling for her. But is love enough to make him give up his lifestyle and wealth?

  2. "You're Beautiful" - This Korean sitcom has been praised as the alternate, less romantic version of Boys Over Flowers. When a nun is asked to take the place of her brother in the band A.N.JELL, she must abandon her faith and cross dress as a man. Mix in a two love triangles and an identity fraud waiting to be exposed, you have yourself a juicy drama!

  3. "Coffee Prince" - Another Korean sitcom about a girl who cross dresses for the sake of her job. Except this time she has the manager questioning his sexuality over his feelings for her. Afraid of losing her job she leads him on while he tries attract more business to their café. Can business and pleasure really mix?

  4. "Full House" - A woman’s best friend’s sells her house while she’s on vacation. During her trip she encounters a man, only to later find out her house was sold to him! In order to get her house back she must become his live in maid. That only lasts for so long when they decide to get married to spite his ex-girlfriend.

  5. "We Got Married" - A reality Korean sitcom about a group of famous men and women paired up as married couples. They are given challenges and tests that reflect their new married life. Not everyone is cut out for marriage and only the strongest will survive.

  6. "Personal Preference" - An architect is in need of winning a bid for building project to keep his company from folding. He pretends to be gay in order to live with the daughter of a legendary architect who’s discarded blue prints he needs as a concept art. Lots of drama unfolds as his lie becomes him and he starts to fall for the girl.

  7. "IRIS" - An action packed Korean sitcom about a two special agent friends who are torn apart over the love of one woman. Hyeon Jun is rescued from an explosion by an underground group known as ‘IRIS’. With a future time jump both North and South Korea are at wore, IRIS will do anything to keep them from finding peace.

  8. "My Girlfriend is a Nine-Tailed Fox" - This Korean sitcom is about a man who accidentally releases a mythical fox from a painting. The fox sets off on her wish to be forever human. She rescues a man who is now in debt to her. It is his responsibility to keep her true identity a secret from everyone.

  9. "Secret Garden" - They call it a diamond in the rough. A CEO mistake’s a beautiful poor stunt woman as a famous actress. They don’t get along at first which causes Joo Win to hide his attraction. This leads to a string of odd events, including a body switching experience for them.

  10. "It's Okay, Daddy's Girl" - A touching Korean sitcom about a spoiled daughter who is forced to grow up after her father dies. Finding it difficult to cope with her loss she goes through a lot of struggles in order to prove her independence to herself and others.