Nearly every fan will be able tell you their favorite "Wife Swap" episode off the top of their head. ABC’s popular television show debuted in 2004, and is still one of the most popular shows on the network. With so many seasons under its belt, the ten best "Wife Swap" episodes are described below.

  1. "Sundstrom/Tower" – Episode 15, Season 4.  This "Wife Swap" episode boasted a meticulous Massachusetts woman whose family stresses the importance of appearances who trades with an Arizona mother whose family is messy and loves drag racing. The two women feel immediately inadequate in their new roles.

  2. "Adams/Hess" – Episode 4, Season 6.  In this episode, a family that loves and adores a household of pets (over fourteen in their home) trades with the mother of a family that despises pets in the home and finds them filthy and smelly. The children in this episode nearly rebel when Hess wants all of the dogs kept outside.

  3. "Brown/Neighbors" – Episode 6, Season 5.  This "Wife Swap" episode once again pairs two opposites together in a comedy of errors. Ms. Brown is considered by many to be the strictest parent around and has to swap with Ms. Neighbors, known to be a free-spirit who believes kids must find their own way in life.

  4. "Mayfield/Wasden" – Episode 4, Season 2.  In this amusing "Wife Swap" episode, Mayfield, a messy, Texas mother comes toe-to-toe with Wasden, a neat, tidy, and rather uptight Alabama woman. The families clash with bad behavior on both sides.

  5. "Alcorn/Booker" – Episode 6, Season 3.  This "Wife Swap" episode has Alcorn, a light-weight champion boxer whose family is into sports and healthy living paired up with Booker, a pushover wife who spends her time getting her nails and hair done. Her family eats nothing but junk food and hardly exercises. The shock between the two women in amusing.

  6. "Brown/Robinson" – Episode 18, Season 3.  The sparks fly in this "Wife Swap" episode. Brown, a meticulous diva who spoils and pampers her children swaps with Robinson, a down-home woman whose laid-back style works great in her family’s scrap yard.

  7. "Martin/Vallone" – Episode 5, Season 5.  Rastafarian Martin is a stay-at-home mother who home schools her children. Laid-back and easy to deal with, she works to keep balance in her children’s lives. Vallone, is a woman who believes that children should go to school and then come back and work on chores. The two women do not see eye-to-eye as they face one another’s families.

  8. "Funderburgh/Warren" – Episode 11, Season 6.  This popular "Wife Swap" episode finds Funderburgh, a wife and mother who lives on a goat farm, swapped with Warren, a women whose main purpose in life is to shop when she’s not working. The two find that they have work in common, but very little else as they settle into their traded lives.

  9. "Allison/Hagerty" – Episode 1, Season 2.  This "Wife Swap" had nothing but disaster written all over it. Allison, an extremely conservative teacher in Mississippi swaps with a stay-at-home mother who does not believe in disciplining her children. The women face off against their new families as they try to understand their new settings.

  10. "Lowe/Hamilton" – Episode 17, Season 3.  This amusing episode pits fastidious perfectionist against down home business woman. Lowe, who owns a salon for privileged young girls, swaps with Hamilton, a woman who markets deer urine for her husband. The shock of the pampered princesses is almost as amusing as the shock on the husband’s face when he finds he has a pampered diva as his new wife.

Armin El-Gazzar