If you missed the final episode, you may be wondering who won "Survivor Samoa." The winner took home a one million dollar prize and the title of sole survivor. During the final episode, the jury voted between the final three contestants. In the end, they chose Natalie White as the winner. The other two contestants that made the finals were Russell Hantz and Mick Trimming. Read the following information to learn more about Natalie White and how she became the winner of "Survivor Samoa."

Information about the winner. Natalie White, the person who won "Survivor Samoa," is a 26 year old from the state of Arkansas. She was unemployed at the time of the show. However, she had worked as a pharmaceutical sales rep in the past.

The final vote. The jury was hard on all three of the final contestants. In fact, one jury member had them come clean about what they do for a living. Russell is a doctor and Mick owns an oil company. Natalie used this as a chance to point out that she was unemployed. In the end, she won "Survivor Samoa" with seven votes. Besides that, Russell received two and Mick got zero. 

An extra offer was made. Jeff Probst declared Natalie as the person who won "Survivor Samoa." After she was announced as the winner, Russell made her an additional offer. He wanted the title of sole survivor. He offered her $10,000 if he could have the title, but she turned him down. 

Sprint Player of the Season. At the end of the show, Sprint gave out an award for the Sprint Player of the Season. Fans got to vote for the winner of this award. They ended up choosing Russell Hantz as the winner. Russell beat out Shannon Waters and Brett Clouser. Both contestants had been fan favorites.