Learn everything you ever wanted to know but couldn’t be bothered to ask with this Vienna Girardi bio. Vienna Girardi made herself famous by being on “The Bachelor” and its spin off “Bachelor Pad.” When she was a contestant on “The Bachelor,” Vienna Girardi garnered a reputation as the villain of the show. She didn’t make many friends and was known for backstabbing the other contestants. Hardly the kind of behavior you would expect from a girl who hails from suburban Florida.

Vienna Girardi was born in May 1986 in Geneva, Florida. We don’t know much about her formative years, but all signs point to her having a very normal, middle class childhood in Central Florida. When she was a senior in high school Vienna became engaged to her pastor's son. The relationship lasted for four years, but the couple eventually parted ways. Vienna doesn’t talk about the details of that relationship, but we do know that her ex-fiance got married a month after splitting up and Vienna hooked up with a guy named Joshua William Riley. Yet another early relationship that Vienna doesn’t talk about, the couple was married for four months before getting a divorce. The relationship may not have lasted long, but this brief, tawdry romance could have been the beginnings of Vienna’s desire for the tabloid spotlight.

In 2010 Vienna Girardi became one of 25 women hoping win the affections of Jake Pavelka in season 14 of “The Bachelor: On the Wings of Love.” Vienna didn’t make many friends while she was on “The Bachalor,” using the reality show standard line “I’m not here to make friends” to carry her through the show. Despite her bad attitude throughout the show, Vienna managed to win the final rose from Jake Pavelka and the pair got engaged. But love won on a reality TV show isn’t the bliss they make it out to be when the cameras are rolling and the pair split a few weeks after the show. The pair was given the chance to air their grievances with each other on a special that aired during season six of “The Bachelorette.” Not one to let the tragedy of failed reality TV romance get her down, Vienna has been cast on yet another “The Bachelor” spin-off called “Bachelor Pad” where she will square off with ex-fiancee Jake Pavelka and other former cast members of “The Bachelor” and “The Bachelorette,” which is something that is sure to please fans of train wreck television with a romantic twist.