"Ultimate Fighter" episodes are jammed packed with action and a little bit of drama. This reality show is about sixteen of the best martial artists in the game competing for an Ultimate Fighter contract. They live together and fight together. They fight for the title of "Ultimate Fighter" but they also fight for respect.

"Its Like Anarchy Here" Season 5, Episode 1.

Starting off season 5 with a bang, this "Ultimate Fighter" episode introduces viewers to every fighter in the house. Some fighters have much more of the alpha personalities that is required to become an "Ultimate Fighter." Many of the fighters are trying to feel out their territory. Some bring up insults to weight class while others just try to focus on their regimen as they prepare for their upcoming fight. The episodes to come in this season of "Ultimate Fighter" will show the fighters as they get closer and closer to reaching their goal of being the ultimate fighter.

"Waah! Waah!" Season 5, Episode 4.

With this episode of "Ultimate Fighter", the group rehashes what happened in the previous fight in which Nate was victorious. The remaining fighters seem to have issues with each others' pride. They talk about their pasts and what winning would mean for them. Particularly Andy, whose Taiwanese background brings him a lot of pressure from his family. In this episode, the fight between Andy and BJ gets particularly difficult due to Andy's lack of respect for the other members in the competition. He becomes a sore loser and no one wants to even give him credit for fighting the way that he did. BJ makes it a point to make fun of Andy for his ridiculous behavior. In "Ultimate Fighter" the only thing more important than fighting is treating other with respect. There is always a lesson to be learned to be learned in each episode.

-Amanda Ferguson