These "True Life" MTV episodes follow real people as they live with certain lifestyles and issues that are both common and uncommon today. The series tells their stories in the first person and gives us an inside look at their private moments. It chronicles worlds and subcultures that some people don't even know exist, while others live and suffer in them every day. The series has been a part of MTV for years and has shown the lives of many young people, here are just a few of the "True Life" MTV episodes and the lives it has featured.

  1. "I Have a Parent in Prison" On this episode of "True Life" we meet Austin and Pe'Andre. Austin's father has been in prison since he was born, but is being released on Austin's 16th birthday. We see how he interacts withe his father for the first time as a free man and not an inmate. Pe'Andre has been on his own since he was a teenager and both of his parents were sent to prison. We see how he learns to forgive his father and make amends with his newly released mother.

  2. "I'm a Gambler" Gambling is an obsession for millions of Americans, and this episode of "True Life" shows how Adrian, Jacob and Corey deal with life and their gambling habit. MTV lets us see how Adrian struggles with the decision of whether or not to go to law school or gamble full time, and how Jacob's pregnant girlfriend urges him to stop.

  3. "I'm Homeless" "True Life" follows three homeless people in this episode. Katy's mother has been out of work so they have to live in their car. Kanyatta is homeless in New York City and is growing to old to stay in the shelters she has been using. We also meet Ronnie whose addiction to drugs and alcohol has caused him to live on the streets begging for money and finding places to sleep every night.

-Lisa Gove