Tough Love Couples: Where Are They Now?

Tuesday, September 6 by Diana Exil

“Tough Love Couples,” the TV reality show on VH1 challenges couples to fix their relationship problems; however, many viewers maye wonder about “Tough Love” Couples: where are they now?  “Tough Love Couples” gets couples to reveal important and little know information about themselves to improved their relationships.  At the end of the show each couple will have to get engaged or break-up. We are going to look some “Tough Love” couples: Where are they now.  

Danielle and Pawel.

Danielle and Pawel met on Myspace.  Danielle was wearing the pants in the relationship.  After they move in together in Danielle’s mother’s house, their relationship faded.  So where are these “Tough Love” couples now? Today they remained engaged with no news of any pending marriage plans.  However, they remained as close as before and still perform together in their band “Exit59”.

Ryan and Axelle.

Ryan and Axelle also known as the "The Drama-ramas".  Their tumultuous relationship saw the fighting and breaking up on Thursdays so that Ryan can go out and party as a "single guy" on the weekends.   Definitely one of the favorite “Tough Love” couples – Where are they now?  Axelle and Ryan broke up on the show and Axelle is currently working as a real estate broker in Orlando.  

Dennis and Simone.

Dennis and Simone got married on an episode of “Tough Love Couples”.  Dennis and Simone live together with Simone’s two children after a few months of dating.  Things went a little too fast for Dennis and he broke of their (first) wedding.  However, the show strengthened their resolve to build on their love and relationship and they did get married on the show.  Well, they were still married a year after and reside in Florida.  

Mario and Christina.

Mario and Christina met thru a family friend and have had trust issues.  Christina hates lying and Mario loves to lie about things.  This has created a very rocky partnership between them.   So where are these Tough Love Couples now? Well the couple separated less than a year after the show.

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