For anyone who has ever typed in "Tough Love couples where are they now" in the search engine, here are some answers. "Tough Love Couples" was a reality-based television show on VH1 hosted by Steve Ward, a self-proclaimed relationship expert and owner (along with his mother) of Master Matchmakers, a Philadelphia-based match making business. "Tough Love Couples," which first aired April 12, 2010 and ended its run on Ma 24, 2010, put couples through eight weeks of "tough love boot camp" to see if they truly are meant to be together. Here are some of the most memorable couples from the show and the answer to "where are they now?"

Dennis and Simone One of the most memorable couples were Dennis and Simone. They lived together, along with Simone's two children from a previous relationship, and were even engaged. Dennis, however, got cold feet and canceled the wedding plans. By the end of "Tough Love Couples," they had worked through their problems and went through with a televised wedding. Both had tears streaming down their faces as they said their vows and committed themselves to each other. It was one of those rare moments in reality TV when you didn't doubt at all that this couple was there for the right reasons and not publicity. Dennis and Simone are still together. They keep up with their fans and post updates on their "Tough Love Couples" Facebook page and Twitter account. According to their Facebook page, they currently live in Miami and continue to run their business Brew Butta.

Mario and Christina Mario and Christina went on "Tough Love Couples" to work through their trust issues, fueled by Mario's constant lies and Christina's insecurities. Despite not having fully worked through their problems, especially Mario's financial woes, they got married on the finale. Where are they now? Unsurprisingly, on January 26, 2011, the couple posted a note on their "Tough Love Couples" Facebook page announcing that they are no longer together. They stated that it was a mutual decision and the best thing for the both of them. 

Dustin and Courtney Dustin and Courtney were a hard couple to figure out High school sweethearts, they were already together for eight years and lived together at the time the show started taping. Their issues were the lack of physical attraction to each other, infidelity and the thought that they were only together because they were both too scared of being alone. While they didn't go through with a wedding, they did get engaged, with Dustin proposing to Courtney before the weddings of Dennis and Simone and Mario and Christina. Although they didn't make a formal announcement on their "Tough Love Couples" Facebook page, a fan wrote how sad she was that they've broken up, a comment that Courtney said thanks for. Photos from Dustin's Facebook page shows that he has a new love in his life.