Tosh.0 Episodes

Tuesday, August 16 by Amanda Ferguson

"Tosh.0" episodes are funny and subtly brilliant. Daniel Tosh hosts this show that explores funny videos on the internet. With each episode of "Tosh.0", Daniel Tosh takes no prisoners for silly antics.

Season 1, Episode 4.

In this episode of "Tosh.0", Daniel Tosh does his usual to bring big laughs. He pokes fun at videos of kids doing things that normally wouldn't take place in the everyday lives of others. In this particular episode of "Tosh.0", Daniel Tosh dives into the hilarious video "Scarlet Takes A Tumble." In this video, a plus sized girl tries to dance atop a very small table. Daniel Tosh gives Scarlet a web redemption and lets her try dancing atop the table again, but this time with training on her side.

Season 2, Episode 2.

This episode of "Tosh.0" brings out the big guns with its web redemption. The infamous "What What" video gets another shot at the spotlight. Samwell gets to perform his hit song with the lead singer of The Queens of The Stone Age and Them Crooked Vultures.

-Amanda Ferguson

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