"Minute To Win It" challenges are always fun and you don't have to be on the show in order to play them. Some challenges are rather difficult to do. However, the level of difficulty doesn't hinder how fun the challenges are. All challenges require very basic items that can be found around the house, but having the skill to win the challenges under a minute is a seperate requirement all together.

A Bit Dicey. This "Minute To Win It" challenge is difficult as well as fun to watch. This challenge involves six dice and a popsicle stick. The goal is to balance six dice on a popsicle stick that is held in the player's mouth. Each individual dice must be held on the stick for three seconds. The key is to remember to keep a clenched jaw and stable head. Of course, this challenge must be completed in a minute.

Baby Blockin'. In "Minute To Win It" the challenges are playful and have a way making the players and viewers laugh. This challenge requires five wooden baby blocks and a plastic plate. Like many "Minute To Win It" challenges, balance is a factor. The challenge is to have the five wooden baby blocks balance on the plastic plate on top of the player's head. Of course, this challenge must be completed in one minute.

Back Flip. This "Minute To Win It" challenge is rather difficult. It only requires large sets of pencils in order to play. The challenge requires players to place two pencils on the back of their hand. They must then flip the pencils from the back of their hands and catch them. This has to be repeated six times with different sets of pencils. With each set of pencils, the next set must be added. The last step will have twelve pencils total that must be caught. Players only have a minute to win it.