Watching “This Old House” episode is a great way to learn about fixing up older homes and conquering those tasks a homeowner. Bob Villa was the original host of the show, followed by Steve Thomas, and finally the current host, Kevin O'Connor. Each season of “This Old House” the crew updates and refurbishes a diamond in the rough and turns it into a shining gem.

  1. East Boston – Season 28, Episode 6 - On this “This Old House” episode viewers get to see the crew build a new bathroom in the Boston home a chimney brick by brick and carefully removing a chimney brick by brick.

  2. The Washington, DC House – Season 27, Episode 1 – The crew from 'This Old House” begins the renovations on a late 1800's row house that had been abandoned. They have a $200,000 budget to restore the row house to the beauty it once was.

  3. The Key West House – Season 20, Episode 20 - The “This Old House” crew tackles an 1866 Conch captains house in the Florida Keys. Plans begin to form to expand the house and restore it while viewers get a look into the Key West Architectural history.

  4. The Watertown House – Season 20, Episode 5 – The episode shows us how “This Old House” tackles the landscaping details when working on a house. The crew is currently working on a 1886 Victorian house with a large addition that was added in the early 1900's. Viewers also get a look into rebuilding an old oak staircase inside the home.

  5. The Tucson House – Season 18, Episode 26 - “This Old House” is nearly finish with the Tucson House. They have been re-stuccoing the exterior of the 1930's Pueblo Revival home while on the inside viewers get a tour of the new kitchen and master bath before moving on to the living room, media room, and master bedroom. And then it is off to the outside again to see the newly landscaped courtyard.