"The Soup" episodes are vast and expansive, to say the least. Each week, "The Soup" explores the world of television and the nonesense that has been taking place on the silver screen. Each episode puts reality television in its crosshairs as host, Joel McHale takes no prisoners with his charming whit and quippy attitude.

Season 8, Episode 13.

This episode of "The Soup" takes on some taboo subjects. They peform a "Toddler In Training" sketch wich takes aim at the TLC reality show named "Toddlers and Tiaras." This show is a major target for ridicule because of the nature of beauty pageants for little girls. Joel McHale has grown women on the show trying to match beauty to the little girls of "Toddlers and Tiaras." The great thing about this sketch is the irony it brings to viewers. This episode also presents RuPaul with a "Queen of Style" award in which RuPaul happily accepts the award along with fabulous drag queens.

Season 8, Episode 12.

In this episode of "The Soup" there is no television rock unturned thanks to Joel McHale. The first target is Carmen Electra who has an odd way of putting things whilst starring as a guest judge for "RuPaul's Drag Race." Next he takes a look at what his fellow colleagues are reporting celebrity news in the worst kind of way possible. "The Soup" adds their own flare to this episode as someone just can't take it anymore. Last, but certainly not least, Wendy Williams's weave gets used and abused, but Joel McHale takes it to another level.

Season 8, Episode 11.

Any celebrity in the news became an easy target for "The Soup" in this episode. From Leanne Rhymes to "American Idol," Joel McHale and the crew at "The Soup" bring jokes and humor to this episode with no apologies. The next target is "Celebrity Apprentice" as Donald Trump insults one of his deaf cast members.

-Amanda Ferguson