Depending on your perspective, the MTV hit show "Jersey Shore" is either completely offensive or a brilliant addition to popular culture -- and if you're in the latter camp, you probably recognize the Tao of The Situation's "Jersey Shore" quotes. The Situation is, of course, Mike Sorrentino, one of the reality show's stars. His best attribute, arguably, is his six-pack abdominal muscles, which he likes showing off at all the right -- and wrong -- times. So be prepared to be wowed by these "Jersey Shore" quotes from The Situation, as he espouses his philosophy on:is arguably the most colorful character  from show star The Situation.

  1. Fitness. "You better be hitting the gym. And if you're not hitting the gym for like an hour or so, you know you may have a problem. Okay, 'cause I'm at the gym for, like, an hour-and-a-half. You know, workin' on my fitness." Now ingrained in the culture is the concept of GTL - gym, tanning and laundry, and obviously The Sitch as he's called sees magic in the 60-minute workout, in this quote from "Jersey Shore." (Courtesy of the book "Gym, Tanning, Laundry: The Officia Jersey Shore Quote Book.")

  2. Hygiene. "I wait 'til the last minute to go shave. I wait 'til the last minute to put the shirt on, 'cause if feels fresh. These are rules to live by. Shave last minute, haircut the day of, maybe some tanning and the gym. You gotta get the Guido handbook." This quote illustrates The Situation's philosophy, often espoused in "Jersey Shore," of the need for good grooming prior to hitting the bars. (Courtesy of the book "Gym, Tanning, Laundry: The Official Jersey Shore Quote Book.")

  3. The Pick-up Scene. "It's like having chicken put on the table with salt and pepper, then somebody takes away the chicken and then you're left with salt and pepper.'' One common theme of The Situation's "Jersey Shore" quotes deals with his views on women -- and the perils of the bar scene. Apparently The Sitch is very hungry when he's on the prowl.

  4. The ladies. "I put the hippopotamus to bed." The Situation certainly uses an advanced form of metaphorical language in describing his love life, as this "Jersey Shore" quote demonstrates. One must wonder whether The Sitch keeps enough food on hand for his menagerie of animals.  

  5. His ego. "Back in the day, they had a prophecy that one day, there would be a pimp of all pimps, and his name would be: The Situation." Very little can be said about this Situation "Jersey Shore" quote. The man speaketh the truth!"