"The Real World" DC Episodes are part of the 23rd season of the hit MTV show "The Real World" which follows 8 strangers who are forced to live together in a house and filmed throughout the day and the night. This forced experiment creates drama between the people inside the house, at least 14 episodes worth of drama per season. Of these 14 episodes from "The Real World" DC, there are a number of different funny, dramatic and emotional moments that can be viewed by true fans of the show.

  1. "Looks can be DC-ving." This is the first "The Real World" DC episode of the season, which is always one of the most entertaining, where all of the roommates come to the house and the viewers get to know them and how they react to each other immediately. It also gives viewers a chance to try and predict which roommates will have problems with each other and which ones might hook up in future "The Real World" DC episodes.

  2. "Bipartisan Love." In this sexy "The Real World" DC episode a number of the different pairs of roommates hook-up. Andrew tries to seduce Callie, while Ashley and Mike have a serious attraction and Ty and Emily might have the realest relationship of them all.

  3. "The Princess and The Panda." In this "The Real World" DC episode, the sexual tension has been broken on the show and couples begin to get angry at each other. Ashley and Mike begin to be hostile towards each other for a variety of reasons, while the other girls in the house try to help Andrew get better at picking up girls.

  4. "When Push Comes to Shove." There are a number of different storylines in this "The Real World" DC episode. A battle erupts between Andrew and Ashley as she tries to get him to open up about his emotions, while Mike hit the town and tries to hook up with a new man after his fall out with another one.

  5. "Cheaters, Beaters and Pavement Eaters." This is a violent and troubling episode of "The Real World" DC. There is an actual fight which occurs, moving beyond pla fighting and it becomes the real thing, destroying one relationship and hurting one roommate. Roommate Josh is forced to finally face his chronic infidelity.