If you were a fan of "Laguna Beach", then you probably know some of these "The Hills" quotes. This reality television series revolves around Lauren Conrad who graduate high school at Laguna Beach. She's moved on to the Hollywood Hills to follow her dreams. She enrolled in at the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising. Lauren then attained a job as an intern at popular magazine "Teen Vogue". This hit reality show follows Lauren in her highs and lows of making it in L.A. Other notable reality star members are Audrina Patridge, Heidi Montag and Whitney Port. 

  1. "All there is left to do is forgive and forget... So I want to forgive you. And I want to forget you." - Lauren. Ouch, the girl does not mince any words. Most memorable "The Hills" quote that really makes you love to hate Lauren.

  2. "Because they're disposable like that." - Heidi. When asked by Lauren why the girls are always comparing boys to clothing accessories like purses. Heidi in this fabulous "The Hills" quote tells it like she feels it.

  3. "Its almost like I've learned to become my own best friend and I don’t trust anyone, and that’s not healthy, its bad." - Audrina. Here Lauren tries to get Audrina to trust her. Audrina doesn't naturally trust anyone and she recognizes that's not good.

  4. "Hey bubba.....life's tough....get a helmet!" - Lauren. She should know. Lauren's use to dishing it out more than taking it in.

  5. "Jeans can be really addicting, there are always new ones and you feel like you have to have them." - Whitney. Girls love to shop. Fun quote from "The Hills" sums up how easy it is to make a girl happy.

  6. "It's kind of greasy." - Audrina. Heidi called Audrina while she was on a date. They used code if the food was good, then the date was cute and sweet. Audrina's response became a fan favorite "The Hills" quote ever.

  7. "I think it’s important on a date to listen and be interested in the other person. If a guy isn’t going to be interested in me, then I’m not going to force him!" - Whitney. Girls should take a cue from this "The Hills" quote. Don't make a guy like you if he doesn't. 

  8. "Like everybody and trust no one." - Lauren. Has being on television made Lauren a tad jaded? This "The Hills" quote curbs a bit of cynicism. 

  9. "Every girl deserves to be treated like a princess." - Heidi. Every girl wants to be treated like a princess. A few girls however act like divas, such as on this series. 

  10. "I would so much rather have a few of good friends than a lot of fake friends." - Lauren. Best advice for "The Hills" quote you can take from the show. They're reality stars, so are they real friends or just fake television friends?