“The Doctors” started back in 2008 and has brought many helpful and interesting topics to the public through “The Doctors” TV show episodes. There is no topic that is too embarrassing for them to discuss, which is important for those who are too uncomfortable to ask questions when they go to see their own family doctor. Here is a sampling of some of the topics the show has covered since its inception.

  1. “Worth the Risk?” - September 9, 2008. This show dealt with the controversial topic of the HPV vaccination. The vaccination purports to prevent women from nine to 26 from getting several strains of the human papilloma virus, which can cause cervical cancer. Both the pros and cons are discussed on this episode.

  2. “Need for Sleep” – September 16, 2008. This episode discusses the dangers of taking sleep aids, such as dependency, overuse, addiction, and taking sleep aids with alcohol. “The Doctors” suggest exercise and taking the TV out of the bedroom for better sleep. They also discuss the need for children to get anywhere from eleven to thirteen hours of sleep or brain development problems could occur.

  3. “Transplanting Memories” – October 16, 2008. Food allergies in children are discussed, as well as the symptoms and treatments parents should know about. A list of foods that children should not eat until their digestive tract is developed is also given.

  4. “Why You Need Sex!” – November 7, 2008. “The Doctors” discuss the benefits of sex to your health such as how it boosts your immunity, helps you sleep, helps you lose weight, strengthens your bones and muscles, and reduces chronic pain. The couple that participated in “101 Days of Sex” discusses the results of their experiment.

  5. “Teens’ Most Embarrassing Questions” – March 24, 2009. Teens ask "The Doctors" some of their most embarrassing questions, like: the importance of using condoms, is oral sex safe from STDs, can you get pregnant when you are on your period, how to know your correct tampon size, and why you should not share makeup.

  6. “Tests That Can Save Your Life” – June 15, 2009. Different tests that are important for preventing illnesses are discussed, such as: mammograms, tests for heart health, prostate examinations, ultrasound tests, stress tests, blood pressure tests, angina tests, and eye examinations.

  7. “Ashamed of My Body: New Solutions!” – October 9, 2009. “The Doctors” discuss the Vaser procedure for people who have excessive underarm sweating. For women who feel they have discoloration of their labia, ways to bleach the labia are explained. A demonstration of what women with cankles can do to solve the problem is given. Finally, a quick fix for belly fat is discussed.

  8. “Self Exams You Must Do Now” – December 24, 2009. “The Doctors” show everyone how to do self exams for appendicitis, breasts, genitals, hearing, skin, oral, and lymph glands. The majority of problems found in these areas are found by the patients who relay the information on to their family doctor, so it is important to check them yourself.

  9. “50 Questions from 50 Ages” – June 8, 2010. People from several different age groups ask questions of “The Doctors” on subjects like hiccups, aspirin and breast cancer, diaper rash, menstrual cramps, eye care, and vitamin supplements.

  10. “20 Ways to Look 10 Years Younger” – February 20, 2011. Several new methods of helping to make individuals look ten years younger are discussed. A skin rejuvenation can be done with an electric facial or you can do a facial with pumpkin to help soften your skin. You can spice up your hair with a salt and pepper dye. If your lips are getting thin, there is a laser lip treatment to help make the lips fuller. Hands often age early and make you look older, so “The Doctors” show how a hand wrinkle filler works.