The hit network dating show "The Bachelor" has plenty of spoilers for it's 2010 season, at least enough for us to make this list called "The Bachelor" Spoilers 2010. Like all of the other seasons of the show, this year was rife with drama regarding some of the women the Bachelor dated over the 2010 season and why he rejected them, or stayed with them. There are also some "The Bachelor" spoilers for 2010 that reveal things about how the show operates. So if you love "The Bachelor" and want to watch the 2010 season of episodes and possibly the show in the future, you may not want to read these "The Bachelor" spoilers 2010.

  1. Rozlyn Papa rejected. Why will this 28 year-old beauty who was given a rose earlier in "The Bachelor" 2010 be rejected and thrown off the show in subsequent episodes? Because she has a seven year-old son and when she came on the show she was told she would be able to talk to him every day. This turns out not to be true so she leaves the show, in favor of her son over the Bachelor, making her a good mom, even though she bashes the show. This "The Bachelor" spoiler 2010 allows viewers to know she doesn't win but leads to even bigger spoilers.

  2. Crew Member Affair. Rozlyn Papa then is thrown off the show for allegedly having an affair with a crew member, even though she denies it and no one on the show has any proof of this. This "The Bachelor" spoiler 2010 led to a ton of press and dramatics in the tabloids drawing viewers to the show and even allowing them to have a tell-all special in which Rozlyn confronts the main host to plead her innocence.

  3. The Final Three. The Bachelor narrows down all the girls to the final three by the last few episodes, adding dramatics to who he will finally end up with. This "The Bachelor" spoiler 2010 reveals that the three finalist are Tenley, Gia and Vienna.

  4. The Winner. And the biggest "The Bachelor" spoiler 2010 is, of course, who will be the winner of the entire season? After a lot of drawn-out, over-dramatic consideration, the winner is decided by Jake, the Bachelor, and probably the show's producers. They choose Vienna Girardi, who hails from Florida.