The Bachelor scandal was a reality television event that occurred in January of 2010, concerning many of the show's prominent members (both cast and production). The Bachelor is television dating game that has produced by ABC since the show's inception in 2002. It centers around a single eligible man who has his choice of roughly 25 bachelorettes,  The Bachelor eliminates candidates by not presenting them with a rose come every episode. The Bachelor scandal, which shook things up in the 14th season, significantly affected the outcome of that series.

The scandal concerns the 14th season of The Bachelor. Entitled "The Bachelor: On the Wings of Love", the 14th season had 25 contestants vying for the love of a Mr. Jake Pavelka. A pilot, Pavelka has been on other reality programs to include Dancing with the Stars, The Bachelorette and Drop Dead Diva.

Rozlyn Papa was the #1 call-out bachelorette. Rozlyn was a stand-out girl who was a professional model for her full-time career. This model, mom and makeup artist from Richmond, Virginia was more than just another one of the series' many cookie-cutter contestants.

The first episode. The Bachelor season 14's first episode went by without a hitch. Alexa, Caitlyn, Channy, Elizabeth (the one from D.C.), Emily, Kimberly, Kirsten, Shelia, Stephanie, and Tiana were all eliminated while Tenley received the first impression rose. Rozlyn didn't receive an award but still passed on to the next episode.

The second episode. It was revealed on the 6th of January that Rozlyn Papa was having an inappropriate relationship with a show producer. The contestant rejected the idea of the affair and subsequent "sex tape", instead pointing it to the producers creating fake drama for publicity. Nonetheless, Rozlyn was let go from the show. The second episode also dropped Ashley and Christina from the competition while awarding a rose to the remaining Elizabeth and Ali.

Faked? A lot of "insider" online magazines assert, like Rozlyn, that the whole thing (and "sex tape" that never surfaced) was generated for ratings. Rozlyn was originally told not to tell anyone about her son, although the producers let it slip to a few other bachelorettes. Rozlyn later had a melt-down over this, bashing the show in the process. The allegations say that the producers, thus, had to get rid of her somehow. Considering the plausibility of this, it's quite possible that Rozlyn really was eliminated simply to manufacture popular interest in an old show.

The results of season 14. The contestant given the first impression rose on the first episode (Tenley) eventually made it to the final round with Vienna. Unfortunately for her however, Vienna, the 23 year old marketing rep. from Florida, won Jake's heart in the end.

The Bachelor scandal was possibly one of the most shocking back-stabbings for Ms. Papa, or it could have just as easily been an actual fling she had with the show's staffer. We may never know. The Bachelor scandal has served to raise speculation of the fidelity of the show's crew and cast.