The 10 Best Reality TV Girl Fights

Saturday, September 17 by George Castor


While catfights have been around for ages, the 10 best reality TV girl fights take cattiness to a whole new level. 

Flo Vs Natalie on the "Bad Girls Club 4" reunion show.


Flo came back on the reunion show already angry at the girls for mistreating her on the show, and she gets aggressive at whoever she sees rolling her eyes or making comments. Natalie wasn't afraid of her, though, and as soon as Flo warns her not to "get smart," the two start clawing at each other until the guards pull them apart.

Heather Vs Daisy on the "Rock of Love 2" reunion show. It wasn’t the smartest decision to seat them together, but it made for one of the best reality TV girl fights we’ve seen. As Daisy stood up in front of Heather to make a point, Heather suddenly pushed Daisy who fell backwards like a rag doll but then sprung forward to attack Heather, who was seen punching Daisy on the back even as the security guards pulled them apart.

Kori Vs Ashley on "Bad Girls Club 6." Tension had been mounting between these two since Ashley's successful test for Playboy, and as the two get verbally aggressive, Kori pushes Ashley backward, who tries to retaliate but is stopped by Jessica. Later on, however, she sees a clean shot at Kori and takes it, and the two are engaged in a serious fistfight, eventually falling to the ground, still punching and tugging hair.

Kate Vs Lexie on "Bad Girls Club 4." The bad feelings started when Kate punched Annie in the face and then walked away. Lexie and Amber caught up to Kate in the backyard and confronted her about punching Annie, at which point Kate punched Lexie and the two got into a hair-tugging fight, with Amber attacking Kate as well. 


Kristen Vs Lea on "Bad Girls Club Miami." One of the least expected reality TV girl fights, Kristen and Lea were best friends, but after one drunken night in Key West, Kristen confronts Lea about not being there for her and throws the first punch. Lea then lets loose on Kristen, punching her in the face and on the back several times, reducing her to tears. The next morning, Lea infamously drops a fan from the upstairs level, nearly hitting Kristen's head.

Natalie Vs Portia on "Bad Girls Club 4." Portia overheard Natalie talking about her daughter and throws herself at Natalie's head while she sits on the front steps of the house. Natalie is momentarily knocked over by the sheer force of weight, but she soon retaliates and the two engage in a hair-tugging fight.

JWoww Vs Sammi on "Jersey Shore." The fight begins when Sammi and JWoww argue about the letter that was written about Ronnie and Sammi calling JWoww the b-word. JWoww then gets in Sammi’s face and pushes Sammi’s head back, causing Sammi to fall to the ground, but then she gets up and punches JWoww. The two engage in one of the best reality TV girl fights until the boys broke them apart.

New York Vs Pumkin on "Flavor of Love." This was perhaps the grandmother of all reality TV girl fights that started when Pumkin, on her way out the door after being eliminated, decided to spit in New York’s face. New York, being the slightly insane person she is, lunges after Pumkin and knocks her into one of the cameras. As Pumkin leaves in tears, New York smells her hair and claims she can smell her "nasty breath."


Vanessa Vs Krystal on "College Hill." One of the most violent fights ever aired, Vanessa goes looking to pick a fight with Krystal, who just happened to have a shoe in her hand. As the two fought on the floor, Krystal used the shoe to attack Vanessa’s face, and Vanessa came away with a bloodied face.

Brandi Vs Lea on "Bad Girls Club Miami." Brandi was jealous of Lea’s relationship with Kristen. While no physical contact was made, Brandi destroyed the kitchen and several other rooms, attempting to throw several objects at Lea, including knives and a Panini maker, making it one of the best reality TV girl fights.

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