With over twenty seasons in the books, the list of "Survivor" winners has become quite diverse with contestants of all walks of life taking home that $1 million prize. As varied as the "Survivor" winners list is, the individual stories of the winning contestants are just as unique with many going on to do amazing and in one case illegal things after the show wrapped.  

Sandra Diaz Twine

As the winner of "Survivor: Pearl Islands" and "Survivor: Heroes vs Villains", Sandra Diaz Twine is the only person among the "Survivor" winners to take home the top prize twice. The bank teller from North Carolina managed to outwit, outlast and outplay the rest of her castaways twice to win a total of $2 million, the most money ever won by a woman on an American television show.  

Rob Mariano

Considered one of the best to ever play "Survivor", "Boston Rob" Mariano needed four seasons of the game before he joined the "Survivor" winners circle. Mariano appeared on "Survivor: Marquesas," "Survivor: All-Stars" and "Survivor: Heroes vs Villains", each time falling short of the top prize. Though his "Survivor" wife Amber Brkich won the all-stars season, it was not until Mariano spent nearly 120 days in the jungle before he took home the $1 million prize as the "Survivor: Redemption Island" winner in 2011.

Richard Hatch

After becoming the first "Survivor" winner, Richard Hatch went on to become the first to serve a prison sentence as well. Hatch allegedly failed to pay taxes on his $1 million prize, was convicted of tax evasion and sentenced to prison. His legal issues prevented him from returning to compete on "Survivor: Heroes vs Villains", but didn't stop this "Survivor" winner from making a short-lived appearance on another reality show, "Celebrity Apprentice".

Ethan Zohn

Soccer stud Ethan Zohn is like other "Survivor" winners and contestants in that he made perhaps the biggest headlines after he left the reality show. Following his win on "Survivor: Africa", Zohn used his celebrity to raise awareness and funding for his HIV/AIDS charity, Grassroot Soccer. The "Survivor" winner also survived a battle with Hodgkin's lymphoma in 2009, entering remission in 2010. Zohn and his "Survivor" girlfriend Jenna Morasca chronicled the battle in a series of Internet videos.

Parvati Shallow

Though she comes off as a sweetheart, Parvati Shallow used her sex appeal and kind demeanor to add her name to the "Survivor" winners list by taking the $1 million prize in "Survivor: Micronesia". Just like other "Survivor" winners, Shallow needed more than one season to do it, finishing sixth in "Survivor: Cook Islands." She returned for additional seasons, coming in as the runner up on "Survivor: Heroes vs Villains".

-Angela Huetteman