Survivor Samoaspoilers ruin the suspense of watching the 19th season of this long-running reality series, but you probably already knew that. Continue reading for a major breakdown of all the season’s key events and “unexpected” twists.

Natalie White ended up winning the whole shebang, just to get that out of the way immediately. The 26-year-old blond bombshell from Arkansas killed them with kindness and took the $1,000,000 prize. White used her natural kindness to forge alliances that would benefit her in the long run, and lead to the demise of ultimate self-server Russell Hantz. Despite being deemed weak by some, she took the cake.

White’s rival Russell Hantz, known in “Survivor” devotee circles as Evil Russell, made it all the way to the final episode of the show thanks to his ability to convince every other contestant on the show that his lies were truth. Throughout the season, Hantz lies to pretty much every co-contestant, often contradicts his lies and possesses the quick-wittedness to talk himself out of any bind. However, this sly acumen ultimately worked against Russell, who lost the contest on account of his nasty and mercurial nature.

“Prayer warriors” figured prominently into the politics toward the end of the Samoa season of “Survivor.” So what the hell does that mean? The terms was coined by White and fellow contestant Brett and denoted their shared interest in Christianity. Rivals Russell and Shambo (who the hell is named Shambo, BTW?) took interest in the rival, feeling as though it merited destruction at their hands. Some attribute the vast ill will toward Russell in the show’s final episode to his actions against the prayer warriors.

Shambo is filled with a bizarre, impotent rage that commonly boils over. So who the hell is Shambo? She’s Shannon Waters, a middle-aged woman with a garish mullet who is caretaker of the chickens on the island, as well as a show contestant. Shambo’s many fits of rage provide what little comedic value “Survivor Samoa” has to offer. One particularly fun episode occurs when the cast of the show wins a group of chickens and Shambo becomes infuriated with a co-contestant for suggesting that the chickens be cooked in a method other than the one she decided was best. Shambo is outted on in the second to last episode of the season.

Rivals were forced to come together in episode eight, a turning point in the season appropriately entitled “All Hell Breaks Loose.” In that episode, two rival tribes of contestants were forced to merge and work together toward a single end goal, despite most of the newly formed tribe member’s clear animosity for one another. Both Russell and Erik had immunity for the episode. Paranoid, Russell played his and Erik did not. Erik was voted off.