Appearing on the tenth season of the Emmy Award-winning reality show, the twenty contestants on the "Survivor: Palau" cast spent 39 days in a remote jungle in Palau, Micronesia fighting for the title as sole survivor and the million-dollar prize.  In the end, just one contestant Tom Westman walked away with the money, but to get there he had to beat out the other nine men and ten women to win "Survivor: Palau."

Tom Westman

Starting the game as part of the dominant Koror tribe, Tom Westman, a 41-year-old firefighter from Sayville, New York, emerged as a leader and outwitted, outplayed and outlasted the rest of the "Survivor: Palau" cast member to earn his place among "Survivor" winners.  Westman returned to the game five years later to play on the "Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains" season but wasn't as lucky the second time as he was the fifth person voted off that season. 

Katie Gallagher  

Finishing second in the game only to winner Tom Westman, Katie Gallagher went as far as one could go in the game without winning.  Similar to Westman, Gallagher, a 29-year-old advertising executive from Merced, California, coasted to the finish as part of the Koror tribe, reaching the live finale with all members of the "Survivor: Palau" cast without winning a single individual challenge.

Stephenie LaGrossa

A 25-year-old pharmaceutical sales representative from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Stephenie LaGrossa quickly became a fan favorite among the "Survivor: Palau" cast members.  Her smile got her as far as day 30 and kept her in the game as the final member of the arguably weaker Ulong tribe.  LaGrossa returned for a second shot at the prize as a member of the "Survivor: Guatemala" cast and with Tom Westman to play the game again on "Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains."

Jolanda Jones  


While Jolanda Jones was one of the twenty castaways in the "Survivor: Palau" cast, she is perhaps best known for the work she did after leaving the reality show.  An esteemed lawyer, Jones reached day three on "Survivor" but went on to become a member of the Houston City Council two years after the show aired.  

Jennifer Lyon

Entering the game as a 32-year-old nanny from Encino, California, Jennifer "Jenn" Lyon spent 37 days in Micronesia as a member of the "Survivor" Palau" cast.  Her time on the show was sadly a precursor to her life.  On "Survivor," Lyon battled hard, but ultimately was eliminated from the game after losing a fire-making challenge to Ian Rosenberger.  After the show, Lyon battled with stage-three breast cancer, a battle she lost in January 2010.