Although CBS had two seasons, the Best Survivor Contestants of 2010 all appeared on the “Heroes vs. Villains” edition as you can see with these "Survivor" 2010 contestants. The very best players from seasons past returned to Outlast, Outplay, and Outwit and delivered the reality TV goods by providing a surprise winner, the All-time stupidest move in "Survivor" history, and the reality TV delight of watching heroes fall, and villains win the day.

  1. Parvati Shallow: Would somebody award this southern charmer an honorary PHD in flirtation? She sways men, women and trolls (see Russell Hantz below). She manages to look spectacular in a bikini after 39 days without a shower, but it is her stunning game moves that put her at the top of the list. In three seasons, she has won once, reached the finals twice, and endured more game days than any other contestant.

  2. Sandra Diaz Twine Sandra has played twice and won twice and that is something no other player has accomplished. Her “anyone but me” strategy certainly works, in terms of avoiding a vote out, but she seems to eke out a win by virtue of not being as horrifying as the person next to her.

  3. Russell Hantz Nicknamed the troll, the diminutive Russell packs a powerful arsenal of sly tricks, mental manipulations, and ballsy moves to make him one of the most polarizing Villains in the show’s history. Even host Jeff Probst said the guy changed the game. He’s yet to win because he seems to prefer getting someone’s goat over getting their vote. Little wonder that he returned for a third try on “Redemption Island.”

  4. Boston” Rob Mariano: The Rob-father has been on more seasons that any other player. He may have never won the game, but he has come to epitomize it. A fierce competitor in challenges, puzzles and social strategy, he has also expanded on his “Survivor” fame more than any other player. He’s run the “Amazing Race” twice, and had his own reality series, and is back for a fourth try on Redemption Island.

  5. “Coach” Benjamin Wade Coach Ben Wade found what he had been looking for his entire life…the camera. Coach makes the best “Survivor” list due to his very oddness: a mixture of shameless narcissism, literary quotes, and anecdotes about being kidnapped by pygmies. He keeps the other players amused, annoyed, and on edge, which keeps it lively on the island .

  6. Cirie Fields Ms. Cirie may not have won, but even host Jeff Probst cited her as one of his top five players of all time. She introduced herself on Exile Island screeching at the sight of a leaf but quickly learned to uses her people skills to deftly spin plots. By 2010, this sweet-faced, chubby nurse from New Jersey had evolved into the biggest threat in the game.

  7. JT Thomas Sometimes being the best means being the best at being dumb. JT now has the distinction of being voted the Dumbest Move of All Time by the show’s fans. He gave away the powerful immunity idol only to have it used against him. Perhaps the million he won on “Survivor: Tocantins” helped to soften the blow.

  8. Tyson Apostol: An awesome blunder by an awesome dude almost won him the Dumbest Move crown. Instead, his last-minute vote switch ensured a topsy-turvy game that kept the season interesting. And while it lasted, his pointed commentary about his competitors was priceless, cruel and on target.

  9. Tom Westman Unlike his fellow Heroes Colby Donaldson and Rupert Boneham, fireman Tom Westman maintained his heroic sheen, in spite of only reaching fifteenth place. While some of his tribe mates fumbled by trying to relive their glory days, Tom demonstrated grace under pressure (and backstabbing).

  10. Jerri Manthey Jerri scored a personal best on her third season. She made it to fourth place, but more importantly, she redeemed her “Survivor” reputation. After being booed off the stage by the eight season reunion audience, she returned as a kinder, gentler Jerri that redeemed her legacy.

- Marina Chavez