If the dark and unsavory underbelly of Hollywood D-List celebrity is your cup of tea, then the cast of “Sober House 2” gives an unflinching view of the sad side of fame. After graduating from the rigors of "Celebrity Rehab” with Dr. Drew Pinsky, the sports, porn, movie and music stars from the cast get another chance to further tarnish their reputation on camera. At their Sober House, the likes of basketball bad boy Dennis Rodman, Hollywood Madam Heidi Fleiss, porn star Penny Flame and character actor Tom Sizemore (“Saving Private Ryan”) share a Hollywood apartment while trying not to skid off the addictive wagon again. Aspiring actress Jennifer Gimenez, who once graced the silver screen as a waitress in “Corky Romano,” mentors the recovering addicts in clean living. The second season of “Sober House 2” featured the former lovers Fleiss and Sizemore reconnecting and fighting, a scary picture of Rodman’s brain and a former Miss Teen Oregon in complete meltdown.

  1. Heidi Fleiss & Tom Sizemore The “show-mance” on "Sober House 2" was the reunion of former lovers/ methamphetamine fans Heidi Fleiss and Tom Sizemore. Their previous relationship ended with a domestic assault that left Fleiss battered and Sizemore sentenced to seven months in jail and four months in drug treatment. The back and forth relationship teetered between the affection of old friends/druggies and violent, vicious arguments.

  2. Dennis Rodman The tattooed, celebrity-bedding (Madonna, Carmen Electra), Hall of Fame NBA star shows an unexpected side on "Sober House 2."  Underneath the eye makeup and drunken behavior, Rodman has been hiding a shy and sweet nature. Sadly, the brain damage that Dr. Drew showed Rodman in Celebrity Rehab was not enough to dissuade him to stop drinking completely. He leaves “Sober House 2” early to make a nightclub appearance.

  3. The Teen Beauty Queen. Kari Ann Peniche once wore the Miss Oregon Teen USA and Miss United States Teen crowns, but she may be better known for her hot tub threesome with actors Eric Dane and Rebecca Gayheart that made the tabloids. Long before that infamy, she lost her beauty titles for appearing in “Playboy” magazine. Peniche left “Sober House 2” early after punching one of the cameramen and the other residents voting to keep her out.

  4. Sex Rehab for Porn Stars. Former adult entertainers Penny Flame (Jennifer Ketcham) and Kendra Jade began on Dr. Drew’s "Sex Rehab" because they were in need of  “sexual sobriety.” Like drug addicts, sexual compulsives can make a wreckage of their lives so they joined the addicts from “Celebrity Rehab 3” to continue their recovery.

  5. Seth "Shifty" Binzer Briefly known in the music industry for his single “Butterfly” with his band Crazy Town, Binzer had reached infamy as an addict for his repeat appearances on Dr. Drew’s "Celebrity Rehab" and two "Sober House" seasons. He also demonstrated how relapse is part of the recovery process by falling off the wagon numerous times.