SNL Digital Shorts: Not Your Mama’s Music Videos

Tuesday, September 20 by Amanda Ferguson

live performances. Whether they are cartoons or music videos, SNL digital shorts have offered some of the best moments in SNL history.

"Dick In A Box." Christmas will never be the same after this SNL Digital Short. "Dick In A Box" is considered to be one of the best SNL Digital Shorts ever. Andy Samberg and Justin Timberlake make SNL history with this music video. It's a song about giving the most special gift a girl can get – well, you know. Halloween parties now annually feature guys dresed as "Dick In A Box."

"Lazy Sunday." Andy Samberg is at it again rapping about the trials and tribulations of what to do on a "Lazy Sunday." This SNL Digital Short had the streets of New York echoing its lyrics on Sunday afternoons. The question of seeing "Chronicles of Narnia" and sneaking in candy to a movie theater has never been funnier. Add a dash of the hilarious Chris Parnell to the mix, and SNL Digital Shorts just get a little bit better.

"Like A Boss." Having the ability to make pooping on an office desk seem "gangsta" is something only Andy Samberg can accomplish. "Like A Boss" is an SNL Digital Short that makes fun of the life of being white collar worker. Making everything seem like you do it in the most extreme and amazing way, even when, it's not that extreme or amazing. Of course, the SNL Digital Short takes a spin toward the bizarre, but fans wouldn't have it any other way.

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