Continuing the success of the "Celebrity Rehab" series, Dr. Drew Pinsky returned for another round of familiar faces with the "Sex Rehab with Dr. Drew" cast. Rather than dealing with dependencies to drugs and alcohol, the "Sex Rehab with Dr. Drew" cast works with the renowned addiction specialist at the Pasadena Recovery Center in Southern California to overcome sexual addiction. Just as in the original VH1 reality show, the celebrities battle withdrawal, relapse and a whole lot of drama with cameras rolling to capture it all.

Dr. Drew Pinsky

As the glue that holds the "Sex Rehab with Dr. Drew" cast together, Dr. Drew Pinsky treats the group of celebrities on the series with their sexual addictions. Throughout the course of the show, Dr. Drew counseled the celebrities on what prompted the sexual addictions, coached them through recovery and led group sessions with the patients. Pinsky, who also stars on the radio show "Loveline" and led the "Celebrity Rehab" series, is a board-certified internist and addiction medicine specialist. 

Kari Ann Peniche

Perhaps the most dramatic and problematic of the "Sex Rehab with Dr. Drew" cast, Kari Ann Peniche is a former beauty queen who lost her title as Miss Teen United States after appearing nude in "Playboy" magazine. Peniche's erratic and demanding behavior was troublesome to the staff and fellow "Sex Rehab with Dr. Drew" cast members and her violent outbursts eventually led to her involuntary discharge from the unit and the show. She later returned to reality television to deal with other addictions on season three of "Celebrity Rehab" and made a brief stop on "Celebrity Rehab Presents Sober House."

Amber Smith

Much like other "Sex Rehab with Dr. Drew" cast members, Amber Smith battled chemical addiction en route to her sexual addiction. The actress and model went from appearing on the covers of magazines like "Vogue" and "Elle" to using sex for drugs. Smith came to terms with her drug and alcohol addictions, which were also fueled by her chemically dependent mother, on season two of "Celebrity Rehab" before joining the "Sex Rehab with Dr. Drew" cast to straighten out her sexual addictions.

Phil Varone

Once a drummer, producer and songwriter with artists such as Skid Row and Vince Neil, rocker Phil Varone joined the "Sex Rehab with Dr. Drew" cast as one of only three men in the eight-person cast. Varone lived the rockstar lifestyle for several years, sleeping with over 3,000 women and becoming addicted to promiscuity. His addiction escalated after the death of his mother and intensified on the show with the death of his grandmother, two issues he dealt with along on the series along with his sexual addiction.

Kendra Jade Rossi

Joining the "Sex Rehab with Dr. Drew" cast after several years in the adult film industry, Kendra Jade Rossi entered sex rehab with a desire to end her addiction in the hopes of saving her marriage to rocker Lukas Rossi. Though she butted heads with other "Sex Rehab with Dr. Drew" cast members, she came to terms with her addiction of both sex and alcohol, another demon she battled when he returned for "Sober House".

-Angela Huetteman