"Scare Tactics" episodes are non-stop laughter throughout. No matter which episode you are inclined to watch, someone will always scream like a little girl. With Tracy Morgan as the host, the show in taken to a new level of comedy.

  1. "Vampire Stake Out" Episode 4, Season 4. In this episode the main scare is centered around a vampires's murder. The target is a young woman who is hired to be a private investigator's assistant. She must witness a murder scene and help the private investigator figure out what has happened. However, she is not aware that it is the murder of a vampire who "comes back to life" only to try and kill her. This episode also includes brain exploding powers and disgusting wine tasting.

  2. "The Screaming Room" Episode 9, Season 3. For this episode of "Scare Tactics" a guy is the victim to a sinister filmmaker who wants his horror films to become a reality. Little does the victim know that as he is screening the rough cuts of a film, that the horrific violence actually "took place" outside. This episode of "Scare Tactics" also includes some chainsaw hacking and a little person serial killer.

  3. "Alien Road Block" Episode 6, Season 4. In this episode of "Scare Tactics" the victim is a delivery guy with a surprise package in the back of his truck. They get stopped by the police only for the police to find what exactly is in the back of the truck The victim goes running out of the window of the window of the truck while the prank is getting underway. This episode of "Scare Tactics" also includes a botched surgical procedure and a psychotic convict who may or may not have killed his family.