"Saturday Night Live" Betty White skits were some of the best bits of the 2010 season. Betty White, known as the lovable dingbat Rose on "The Golden Girls," was asked to be an SNL host after an unprecedented Facebook campaigning to have her on the show. Despite being 88 at the time, the oldest SNL host ever, Betty still stole the show and even did some racy and unexpected skits.

  1. "Golden Girls Theme Digital Short." Andy Samberg's digital shorts are viral hits almost every week, but Betty took it to a new level when she presented a death metal version of "The Golden Girls" theme song complete with a bloody mosh pit. Betty also wore a "death" face mask during the skit.

  2. "Delicious Dish: Tremendous Muffins." A word play skit, two show hosts interview White, an elderly muffin bakery owner who plays the other meaning of the word "muffin" up to new heights with lines like, "If there's one thing I'm know for, it's my muffin" and "My muffin hasn't had a cherry since 1939." Previously, Alec Baldwin did an immensely popular "Delicious Dish" skit with his "Schweddy Balls."

  3. "MacGruber." The popular series of skits skewering "MacGuyer, " with Will Forte playing "MacGruber," had Betty as MacGruber's ridiculous, scooter-riding grandmother. Will and Betty's near graphic kiss was both hilarious and disturbing at the same time.

  4. "Lawrence Welk." Betty was added to the long-running series of skits in which Fred Armisen plays Polish bandleader and TV show host Lawrence Welk, along with a set of beautiful sisters, except for one creepy one played by Kristen Wiig. Kristen's sister sports a tiny baby arm, waving the arm in Betty's face during the skit.

  5. "Gingey." In a hilarious take on her age, Betty plays an older woman in the 1900's overhearing a conversation between a young girl (Amy Poehler) and her friend (Bill Hader). She repeatedly points out the obvious, that the girl is a lesbian, each time there is a lull in the dialogue.