"Rescue 911" episodes can be not only entertaining to watch, but they are also educational. "Rescue 911" was a television reality show that ran from 1989 to 1996. It featured actors reenacting actual situations that resulted in people contacting 911 emergency. Through watching these episodes, people could learn how to avoid accidents and respond in emergency situations.

“911 Birth” This "Rescue 911" episode was truly remarkable. The It took place is Rural, Georgia and the episode aired on May 16, 1989. A woman went into labor in her home with only her young daughter to help her. The 911 operator miraculously talked them through the birth.

“CPR Baby” In Xenia, Ohio, a 911 call is placed when an infant has a seizure and then is no longer breathing.  The 911 operator must then talk the person who called through infant CPR, which also educates the viewers. This episode aired originally on May 16, 1988.

“St. Joseph River” On October 21, 1987, the story of a young girl in Elkhart, Indiana is depicted in this "Rescue 911" episode. She is driving a car and only has her learner’s permit. The car goes out of control, and she ends up crashing into a river. Rescue workers must then save her.

“911 Break-In Boy” This particular "Rescue 911" episode tells the story of two very brave children. The episode took place in Salinas, California, and it originally aired on June 6, 1986. When an intruder breaks into the California home, the two children able to hide, call 911 and get help.

“Baby Fire Rescue” During a house fire in Washington, DC, a young babysitter is faced with an impossible decision. The apartment complex is on fire, and she has eight babies inside with her. Amazingly, she is able to save the babies by literally tossing them out the window to the rescue workers below. The episode aired on February 9, 1989.

-Michael Johnson